Lima Fog Collection Studio

LArch students create and harvest fog

In 2012, the Department of Landscape Architecture was awarded a Phase 1 grant and selected to compete in the EPA’s 2012/2013 People, Planet and Prosperity Student Competition. The competition focuses on the development of socially, environmentally and economically innovative technologies with applications around the world. The UW competition team involves students and faculty from disciplines including landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, meteorology, material sciences and physics. Efforts center upon the developing innovative approaches to fog collection as an alternative water resource in the slums of Lima, Peru. The project will provide clean water at point of use (POU), help Lima’s slum communities adapt to increasing water scarcity and reduce air pollution and improve food security through the irrigation of public green spaces and gardens.

Under the direction of Ben Spencer and Susan Bolton (School of Environmental and Forest Sciences) our students have been testing low-cost materials capable of harvesting water from fog in a temporary “hoop house” next to the Botany Greenhouse. They create the fog with a specially adapted power washer and record how much water condenses and drips off various panels of low-cost materials, such as shade cloth.

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Posted Monday 18 March 2013 at 3:18 pm