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3rd-Year BLA Alanagh Gannon reports on her internship with SF Planning Department

Alanagh Gannon (3rd-year BLA) has been working this Winter Quarter with Paul Chasan (MLA '07) in the San Francisco Planning Department:
"We just launch the new wave of Parklet Applications that we have been working on for almost three months here. [This] has been taking up the majority of my time, but has been a huge learning experience about city policy and an interesting graphic design exercise."
"I have also been working on a project with Paul Chasan to get the policy changed on where yellow truncated domes would be located on woonerf-like/shared streets (currently they would have to run the length of any curbless street here in SF). We created a tactile model for the visually impaired, to explain the concept of having different colored and textured materials denote the edge of the curb on a share street (instead of the yellow truncated domes). The model materials were chosen for the tactile representation versus their visual representation. We have met with Mayor's Office on Disabilities, and are planning to take the model to a meeting of the California Council of the Blind next month."

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Water_Works Competition Winner

Gowanus by Design

Congratulations to Shu Kuei (Tako) Hsu for his winning entry in the Gowanus by Design - Water_Works Competition!  His entry received Honorable Mention in the category of Architectural Design.  Entitled 'Responsibility', Shu Kuei's entry can be viewed here among the others.

Gowanus by Design received entries from individuals and teams, comprised of students and professionals from over 20 countries.  These and other selected entries will be exhibited in the spring at a location near the Gowanus Canal in New York City.

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Summer Quarter Courses

Checkout just some of the courses being offered this Summer.

Reading the Elwha

Croatia Design/Build

New Orleans Design/Build

Summer Course List located here

To register, please visit the Summer Quarter website. For more information on specific Landscape Architecture courses, please contact Vanessa Lee

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