EPA P3 Competition Winners

Lima Fog Collection Studio represents in D.C.

Congratulations to Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, and the rest of Team sqWater for receiving the 2013 Student Choice Award at the EPA People, Planet, and Prosperity Compeition in Washington D.C. last weekend!  

The team also placed 2nd for the ASCE Sustainable Development Award!               (Article located here.)

"Students at the University of Washington experimented with fog harvesting technologies to extract water from the shroud of fog that covers Lima, Peru, from June to December. With more than 9 million occupants of Lima living in slums, without reliable access to clean water, adequate nutrition, and public green space, the SQWater system focused on fog water harvesting technologies that provide water at point of use. Team members Shara Feld, Vera Eve Giampietro, Peter Cromwell, and Gayna Nakajo, under the direction of faculty advisor Ben Spencer, believe that the SQWater system would help people living in Lima’s slum communities adapt to increasing water scarcity, preserve the integrity of the city’s remaining water resources, and reduce air and water pollution due to water production, distribution, and use.”

The fog collection studio was also featured on UW TV.                                                (click on image below to view UW360 segment)

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