ASLA 2012 Seattle Center Competition Panel

In Seattle, the Legacy of Design Innovation Lives on

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During the ASLA 2012 Annual Meeting, Layne Cubell, Seattle Center, City of Seattle; Mia Lehrer, FASLA, Mia Lehrer + Associates; and Thaisa Way, ASLA, University of Washington, discussed Urban Intervention: the Howard S. Wright Design Ideas Competition for Seattle Center. Deborah Guenther, ASLA, LEED AP, Mithun, moderated the session...

See the rest of The Dirt article here.

credit: Silver Script

image from: Silver Script

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Parks for People Finalist

Congratulations to our students for becoming NPS "Parks for People" finalists!

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Parks for the People is a student competition held by the Van Alen Institute and the U.S. National Park service (NPS) to reimagine America’s national parks.

From the website: “Proposing innovative ideas for the planning, design, and management of specific park sites across the United States, these projects together offer a remarkable vision for a new generation of healthy, welcoming, and enduring public spaces—parks that are truly for the people.”

Finding Common Ground: San Juan Island National Historical Park
Site - San Juan Island National Park, Friday Harbor, WA
Team Leader – Ken P. Yocom, PhD, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Leading Discipline – Landscape Architecture
Other Disciplines – Historic Preservation Planning, Environmental Planning, Conservation Science, Geography, Museology, Architecture
Students – 21, Upper-Division Undergraduate and Graduate

Follow the link below for more detailed information about their project:

Site Model:

Process Blog:

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Beyond Zuccotti Park

Public Space after the Occupy Movement

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Associate Professor and Chair Jeff Hou has written a chapter in a new book Beyond Zuccotti Park: Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space (New Village Press 2012), edited by Ron Shiffman, Rick Bell, Lance Jay Brown, and Lynne Elizabeth, with Anastasia Fisyak and Anusha Venkataraman.

An adapted version of the chapter “Making Public, Beyond Public Space” also appeared in Places: Design Observer, and highlighted in Archinect.

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Women and the Urban Environment

Art + the Environment Panel Discussion at SAM Sculpture Park

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Associate Professor Thaisa Way delivered closing remarks for this month's SAM Art and the Environment Panel: Women and the Urban Environment.  Moderated by Barbara Swift, panelists discussed how contemporary artists, landscape architects, urban planners, geographers, and those involved in development and public policy are examining, imagining, and shaping cities and women's lives in them. They also considered the responsibilities and futures of their own vocations and why it is so critical that women contribute to urban spaces.

SLOG article here

SAM Panel

Photo from THE STRANGER: (L-R) Sarah Bergmann, Cary Moon, Kim England, Lisa Picard, Barbara Swift, Sandra Jackson-Dumont. Above, all over the walls in waves and waves and waves, the art of Sandra Cinto.

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2012 ASLA Student Award Winners

Congratulations to our new 2012 ASLA student award winners!

Student awards and winners include:

Honor Award in Communications -- Leann Andrews -- Biotrash: the Video Game, App, and Interactive Website

Honor Award in Community Service -- Leann Andrews, Jonathan Jue, Daniel Shaw, Laura Denman, Kate Walford, Ryan Ulsberger, Tobey Clarkin, and Alexa Celerian. -- Escuela Ecologica Saludale Initiative.
Advisors: Ben Spencer and Susan Bolton

Follow the link below to read more about their projects!

Leann & JJ at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Phoenix

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MLA Delia Lacson reflects on her research work with the Landscape Architecture Foundation

Case Studies in Ecological Landscape Performance

University of Washington MLA student, Delia Lacson, has worked for the Landscape Architecture Foundation as a research assistant on a number of case study publications quanitfying the social, economic an ecological benefits brought through the discipline of Landscape Architecture.  Read her reflection of the experience here.

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Kenichi Nakano

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of our dear friend, colleague, and mentor...

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Kenichi Nakano
Below is the message Jeff Hou sent on behalf of our Department on 8/9/2012.
Dear friends, students, and alumni, 
It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that our dear friend and colleague Kenichi Nakano passed away earlier this week after battling with cancer. Kenichi was one of the very first graduates of our program. Graduated with a BLA in 1968, he went on to study and receive a MLA from Harvard. Upon returning to Seattle, Kenichi has taught for many years in the department before starting his own private practice and established his office Nakano Associates in 1991. Even after years of practice, Kenichi still described teaching as his no. 1 passion. 
Over the years, Kenichi has been a contributor to the department by serving on the department's Professional Advisory Council and participated in countless studio reviews and class lectures. He was also instrumental in organizing the Gala in 2010 celebrating 50 years of landscape architecture education and practice in the Pacific Northwest. 
Kenichi has been an inspiring mentor to many of us through his design philosophy, stories, and humor. In his distinguished career, he and his office have produced an outstanding body of work that profoundly represents the aesthetic and spirit of the region. They include projects such as the International Fountain at the Seattle Center, green street ordinance, Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, High Point HOPE IV Redevelopment, Bellingham Arts District Master Plan, and numerous campus designs. 
We will miss him greatly as a friend, colleague, and mentor.
Jeff Hou, Chair

Read More

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Newly Installed Gould Hall Green Wall in the News

King 5 Report airs July 26, 2012

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The Green Futures Lab Living Wall is complete and already making headlines.  A local news report by Gary Chittim explores the potential benefits of the research that UW students are conducting to quantify the benefits of the new living wall. Check out the link below to read the full report and view a short video.

King 5 News Report

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