LA Students Presenting at Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation Meeting

Congratulations to UW Students Dinah Gewalt and Betsy Jacobson

Two LA students have been chosen to give poster presentations at the upcoming Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation 34th Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC.  

BLA student Dinah Gewalt will present "Rehabilitation of the Kennecott Cemetery  Honoring Life and Death in the Alaskan Wilderness" drawing from her internship experiences at the Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service.  MLA/MUP student Betsy Jacobson will present Ideas for the next 100 years of National Parks: San Juan Island National Historical Park, Island as Park. Betsy is representing on behalf of her Winter 2012 studio's participation in the "Parks for the People" Design Competition.

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UW Today Article on Neighborhood Design Studio

Larc 402: Neighborhood Design Studio Led by Julie Johnson made headlines again!

Read the latest UW Today article here

Congratulations to Julie and the Larc 402 students for their exceptional work with the Ballard Community.

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Neighborhood Design Studio in the News

Presenting Ideas for Transit Service in Ballard

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The 17 students in Landscape Architecture 402/Neighborhood Design Studio, taught by Associate Professor Julie Johnson, focused on Rapid Ride station locations, opportunities for intermodal connections around Ballard, and the potentials associated with Seattle’s streetcar system towards envisioning a healthier neighborhood.  The students presented their work at the Ballard District Council Meeting held March 14th, 2012.  

Read more about the presentations in this local news report.

You can read more at the UW comunity blog here.

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International Children's Park Redux

Students helped redesign the only park for children in Downtown Seattle

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Design Activism Studio in the News

UW Today Reports on Award Winning Design Studio in Peru

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Congrats to the Ben Spencer and the team! An article in UW Today celebrates the work of the Winter 2011 Design Activism Studio and the Summer 2011 Peru Exploration Seminar.

Read the article by Jeff Hodsen and view the slideshow here.

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UW Design Studio wins SEED International Design Award

Congratulations to Ben Spencer and the Design Activsim Studio for their recognition as SEED Competition Winners

The results of an international design competition were announced today: The Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) Competition Design Awards honor extraordinary design projects and demonstrate that an emerging field of contributing architecture has reached a critical mass. Six projects were selected out of forty-five submitted from fourteen countries.

Studio 503: Design Activism; Escuela Ecologica Saludable Initiative, Parque Primaria, Lima, Peru. and the corresponding Summer Exploration Seminar in Peru, both led by Professor Ben Spencer, are among the top three internationally recognized award winning design projects for their work in the informal settlement of Lomas de Zapallal outside of Lima, Peru.

Congratulations also to UW Professor of Landscape Architecture Daniel Winterbottom and his Winter 2011 Design Bulid Studio in Croatia, who received an honorable mention for The Healing Gardens, Rijeka, Croatia.

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Open Space, Sacred Places

New grant for Green Futures Lab

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Green Futures Lab received a planning grant from the TKF Foundation to team up with the Pomegranate Center and Earthcorps on a project titled "Reflections: People on the Waterfront." They are one of the eleven cross-disciplinary teams awarded nationally to undertake an integrated research and design project. See here for more information.

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Parks for People Competition

UW team among stage 1 winners

The University of Washington team led by Professor Ken Yocom and Adjunct Professsor Manish Chalana is among the winners for the stage 1 of the competition sponsored by Van Allen Institute and National Parks Service. The team will work on the San Juan Island National Historical Park (Friday Harbor, WA) in the upcoming, interdisciplinary winter studio. Read more

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