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Newsblog ยป News UW Landscape Architecture News en (UW LARCH) Copyright 2019 PivotX - 2.3.6 Thu, 23 May 2019 18:41:36 -0700 60 Seoul Competition Finalist A design team formed by UW MLA students Shukuei "Tako" Hsu and Youngsuk Jun and BLA student Janice Chen was selected as a flnalist in the Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Ideas Competition. Titled "Toward Urban Integration," the competition addresses the reclaiming ofJemulpo-gil Expressway into an urban open space in the west part of the city. The UW team will present their proposed scheme in the second phase of the competition in Seoul City Hall at the end of October.

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Sigma Lambda Alpha Scholarship Recipients Congratulations to our Sigma Lambda Alpha Scholarship Recipients!

Hillary Pritchett received the 2013 SLA National Scholarship for her aspirations in "Reconciliation + Consilience Design", and Angelica Rockquemore received one of the 2013 Travel Grants for her work in New Zealand.

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Iain Robertson's Cultivating Creativity... This presentation given to faculty and graduate students in Psychology & Pedagogy at the University of Bergen in May 2013 illustrates how the exercises used in Iain Robertson's Cultivating Creativity classes (one in the UW Honors program in 2011, and one for design students at Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Autumn 2012) derive from design studio pedagogy.

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National Olmsted Scholar Winner Congratulations to our first National Olmsted Scholar Winner, Leann Andrews! 

Leann was chosen among a select group of 39 graduate University Olmsted Scholars, who were nominated by their faculty for being exceptional student leaders.

In June, Leann will receive a Master of Landscape Architecture with a Certificate in Global Health. She plans use the award to return to Lima, Peru to implement her certificate capstone project: a community gardening and ecological restoration initiative designed to improve nutrition, increase mobility, reduce illness, improve mental health and well-being, and contribute to economic stability and social infrastructure in a distressed informal ‘slum’ community. She will also be starting the Ph.D. in the Built Environment program this Fall.  

More info here:

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EPA P3 Competition Winners Congratulations to Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, and the rest of Team sqWater for receiving the 2013 Student Choice Award at the EPA People, Planet, and Prosperity Compeition in Washington D.C. last weekend!  

The team also placed 2nd for the ASCE Sustainable Development Award!               (Article located here.)

"Students at the University of Washington experimented with fog harvesting technologies to extract water from the shroud of fog that covers Lima, Peru, from June to December. With more than 9 million occupants of Lima living in slums, without reliable access to clean water, adequate nutrition, and public green space, the SQWater system focused on fog water harvesting technologies that provide water at point of use. Team members Shara Feld, Vera Eve Giampietro, Peter Cromwell, and Gayna Nakajo, under the direction of faculty advisor Ben Spencer, believe that the SQWater system would help people living in Lima’s slum communities adapt to increasing water scarcity, preserve the integrity of the city’s remaining water resources, and reduce air and water pollution due to water production, distribution, and use.”

The fog collection studio was also featured on UW TV.                                                (click on image below to view UW360 segment)

Other resources below:

sqWater website:

See previous blog post about the Lima Fog Collection Studio

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LAF Scholarship Winner Congratulations to Angelica Rockquemore (MLA '14)! 

from the Landscape Architecture Foundation Leadership in Landscape webpage:

"Raised in Kaneohe, Oahu,  Angelica graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology, International Studies and Japanese from Pacific University. Having received the honor and support of a Fulbright Fellowship to continue her bachelor’s thesis research on Japanese Garden preservation, Angelica spent one year living and researching gardens in Japan. It was in Japan that she realized how the preservation efforts of Hawai’i’s unique landscapes were in need of creative thought and action. This realization led Angelica to her current Master’s degree studies of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington. With a research focus of designing outdoor environmental education play spaces for young children based on Native Hawaiian cultural traditions and values, Angelica is determined to return to Hawai’i to not only become a professional landscape architect but to use her education, training and experiences to be a cultural landscape steward for Hawai’i’s environment in the face of urban development."

This scholarship was established in memory of David T. Woolsey, an alumnus of California Polytechnic University and former principal in the firm of Woolsey, Miyabara and Associates. The award provides funds for educational or professional development purposes exclusively to applicants whose permanent residence is Hawaii.

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Lima Fog Collection Studio In 2012, the Department of Landscape Architecture was awarded a Phase 1 grant and selected to compete in the EPA’s 2012/2013 People, Planet and Prosperity Student Competition. The competition focuses on the development of socially, environmentally and economically innovative technologies with applications around the world. The UW competition team involves students and faculty from disciplines including landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, meteorology, material sciences and physics. Efforts center upon the developing innovative approaches to fog collection as an alternative water resource in the slums of Lima, Peru. The project will provide clean water at point of use (POU), help Lima’s slum communities adapt to increasing water scarcity and reduce air pollution and improve food security through the irrigation of public green spaces and gardens.

Under the direction of Ben Spencer and Susan Bolton (School of Environmental and Forest Sciences) our students have been testing low-cost materials capable of harvesting water from fog in a temporary “hoop house” next to the Botany Greenhouse. They create the fog with a specially adapted power washer and record how much water condenses and drips off various panels of low-cost materials, such as shade cloth.

As posted on:  UW Today  Seattle Times

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Pavement to Parks Alanagh Gannon (3rd-year BLA) has been working this Winter Quarter with Paul Chasan (MLA '07) in the San Francisco Planning Department:
"We just launch the new wave of Parklet Applications that we have been working on for almost three months here. [This] has been taking up the majority of my time, but has been a huge learning experience about city policy and an interesting graphic design exercise."
"I have also been working on a project with Paul Chasan to get the policy changed on where yellow truncated domes would be located on woonerf-like/shared streets (currently they would have to run the length of any curbless street here in SF). We created a tactile model for the visually impaired, to explain the concept of having different colored and textured materials denote the edge of the curb on a share street (instead of the yellow truncated domes). The model materials were chosen for the tactile representation versus their visual representation. We have met with Mayor's Office on Disabilities, and are planning to take the model to a meeting of the California Council of the Blind next month."
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