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  • Green Wall in Atlantic Cities article
    Congratulations to Nancy and the Green Futures Laboratory featured in today's Atlantic Cities ! www.theatlanticcities. com/technology/2012/11/could- be-key-making-d
  • Green Wall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
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  • Newly Installed Gould Hall Green Wall in the News
    The Green Futures Lab Living Wall is complete and already making headlines.  A local news report by Gary Chittim explores the potential benefits of the research that UW st
  • The Green Walls are UP!
    Professor Nancy Rottle, Leann Andrews, Evan Henrich, and Harley Pan helped to install soil mix and various hardy plants into the green wall system.  The movable system (fo
  • Vertical Sustainability at Gould Hall
    Read all about an innovative living wall currently under construction on the south west wall of the Gould Hall.
  • Green Futures Lab: Activating Alleys
      The Green Futures Lab has released Activating Alleys , a guidebook for enhancing the city's alley network.

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