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  • Iain Robertson's Cultivating Creativity...
    This presentation given to faculty and graduate students in Psychology & Pedagogy at the University of Bergen in May 2013 illustrates how the exercises used in Iain Robert
  • EPA P3 Competition Winners
    Congratulations to Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, and the rest of Team sqWater for receiving the  2013 Student Choice Award at the EPA People, Planet, and Prosperity Compeitio
  • Summer Quarter Courses
    Checkout just some of the courses being offered this Summer.   larch.be.washington.edu/programs/summer/summerqtr.php Reading the Elwha Croatia Design/Build New Orle
  • Autumn Quarter Brown Bag
  • LA Students Presenting at Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation Meeting
    Two LA students have been chosen to give poster presentations at the upcoming Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation 34th Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC.   BLA stude
  • Design Activism Studio in the News
    Congrats to the Ben Spencer and the team! An article in UW Today celebrates the work of the Winter 2011 Design Activism Studio and the Summer 2011 Peru Exploration Seminar
  • Parks for People Competition
    The University of Washington team led by Professor Ken Yocom and Adjunct Professsor Manish Chalana is among the winners for the stage 1 of the competition sponsored by Van
  • 301 Studio Article in UW TODAY
    When students in the Larc 301 Design Foundations Studio appeared for class Oct. 31, Associate Professors Iain Robertson and Julie Johnson surprised them with an unusual on

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