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  • EPA P3 Competition Winners
    Congratulations to Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, and the rest of Team sqWater for receiving the  2013 Student Choice Award at the EPA People, Planet, and Prosperity Compeitio
  • Water_Works Competition Winner
    Congratulations to Shu Kuei (Tako) Hsu for his winning entry in the Gowanus by Design - Water_Works Competition !  His entry received Honorable Mention in the category of
  • Green Wall in Atlantic Cities article
    Congratulations to Nancy and the Green Futures Laboratory featured in today's Atlantic Cities ! www.theatlanticcities. com/technology/2012/11/could- be-key-making-d
  • The Green Walls are UP!
    Professor Nancy Rottle, Leann Andrews, Evan Henrich, and Harley Pan helped to install soil mix and various hardy plants into the green wall system.  The movable system (fo
  • Neighborhood Design Studio in the News
    The 17 students in Landscape Architecture 402/Neighborhood Design Studio, taught by Associate Professor Julie Johnson, focused on Rapid Ride station locations, opportuniti
  • 301 Studio Article in UW TODAY
    When students in the Larc 301 Design Foundations Studio appeared for class Oct. 31, Associate Professors Iain Robertson and Julie Johnson surprised them with an unusual on
  • MLA Grad wins Street Works competion in Sydney, Australia
    The international competition entitled " Street Works " was created and managed by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and designed to enliven underuti
  • Green Futures Lab: Activating Alleys
      The Green Futures Lab has released Activating Alleys , a guidebook for enhancing the city's alley network.
  • Save Part of the Viaduct
    Why not save part of the hated viaduct for a park with a lovely view : Students from the LARCH 504 studio are mentioned in this Danny Westneat article
  • Urban Agriculture
    Gia Clark (MLA '09) joined Darrin Nordahl and Stella Chao to discuss urban agriculture on KUOW public radio.

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