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Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016


402 (5)             Ethical Theory
(w/PHIL 412)          T Th 12:30-2:20

456 (5)             Social Justice and Health 
Blacksher                  T Th  10:30-12:50

 GS197E (1)        Freshman Seminar: “Who                
Jecker              Lives? Who Dies?: Moral
                        Problems in Modern Medicine
                              W 12:30-1:20


COURSES for Health Sciences Professional & Graduate Students
(P = Medical School Curriculum)

502 (5)             Ethical Theory
Jecker                        T Th  12:30-2:20

556 (5)             Social Justice and Health  
Blacksher                  T Th  10:30-12:50 

596 (1-3)         Masters Project --

P- Ethics Theme
Dudzinski & BH Faculty










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