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Prospective Students:
  1. May I take BH graduate courses using tuition exemption? Qualified students may use tuition exemption. See qualifications and current guidelines at
  2. I would like to take BH courses the year prior to applying for the MA program.  What do I need to do so that the credits “apply” to the MA if I am accepted?  Prospective MA students may take our courses in anticipation of applying, provided they have permission from the instructor and there is room in the course.  In addition, before taking courses students must apply for admission as a Graduate Non-matriculating (GNM) student. See GNM students who hope to transfer UW credits into the MA program should take applicable courses for a grade. 
  3. How many UW credits taken as a GNM student may be applied to the MA degree?  A maximum of 12, per approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. NOTE: No more than 12 credits derived from any combination of UW GNM credits and transfer credits may be applied to the MA program. Courses must be pertinent to the study of bioethics. See current Graduate School Guidelines at
  4. As a UW faculty or staff member, may I audit BH courses?  Most of our graduate courses are seminars that do not lend themselves to auditing.  Non-matriculating students who sign up for our courses must: 1) secure permission from the instructor prior to registering for the course; 2) register and pay for the course; 3) complete assigned work; and 4) take the course for credit. Admission of non-matriculating students into a course is contingent on space availability.  
  5. I am interested in applying as an International Student.  Where can I find instructions?  Prior to applying, international students should contact the Director of Graduate Studies at  Please be sure to meet all Graduate School requirements for international applicants.  For current Graduate School guidelines, see
  6. Does BH have funding for MA students? Unfortunately, the department does not have funds for scholarships, tuition waivers, nor assistantships. 
Current Students:
  1. How many credits may be transferred into the MA program from an outside institution? According to graduate school guidelines, students may petition the Dean of the Graduate School for permission to transfer a maximum of 6 credits for graduate level coursework from another recognized academic institution. These credits may NOT have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree.  Prior to petitioning the Dean, the courses must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.  Note: No more than 12 credits derived from any combination of UW GNM credits and transfer credits may be applied to the MA program. See current Graduate School guidelines at:
  2. How do I seek approval from the Director of Graduate Studies to transfer graduate course credits into the MA program? Please send the a copy of the syllabus and an official transcript for each course to  
  3. How do I seek approval for electives that are NOT pre-approved for the MA program?  Prior to signing up for the course, send your request along with a syllabus to the
  4. If I am a Joint-Degree student, how many UW graduate credits may apply to both my degrees?  See current Graduate School guidelines at
  5. If I am a joint MA-Certificate student, how many graduate credits may apply to both the MA and the certificate program?  Per the Graduate School, "the overlap of coursework applied towards both programs must not exceed 6 credits and is limited to elective coursework in each program. Programs for matriculated students must add significant breadth to degree requirements."


Tuition exemption information can be found at this link:

The Graduate School website has great resource information for applying and funding/scholarship opportunities:


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