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Nancy S. Jecker, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies and Clinical Ethics Certificate Program

Office: A-204P Health Sciences Building

Recent Publications | Courses | Curriculum Vitae

Nancy S. Jecker, PhD is Professor of Bioethics at the University of Washington School
of Medicine, Department of Bioethics and Humanities. She is Adjunct Professor at the
University of Washington School of Law and Department of Philosophy, and Affiliate
Professor, George Mason University, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. She
received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Washington after first earning
Masters degrees in Philosophy from both the University of Washington and Stanford
Dr. Jecker has conducted research as a visiting scholar at the Hastings Center, the
Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics, the Stanford University Institute for
Research on Women and Gender (now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research),
and the Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics. She was a visiting fellow in
Princeton University's DeCamp Program in Ethics and the Life Sciences and was twice
awarded Rockefeller Resident Fellowships, by the University of Texas Medical Branch
Institute for Medical Humanities and the University of Maryland Institute for Philosophy
and Public Policy.
Dr. Jecker is editor (with Albert Jonsen and Robert Pearlman) of Bioethics: An
Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice, 3rd edition (Jones and Bartlett,
2011). She is the author (with Lawrence Schneiderman) of Wrong Medicine: Doctors,
Patients, and Futile Treatment, 2nd edition (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011) and
of Aging and Ethics: Philosophical Problems in Gerontology (Humana Press, 1991). Dr. Jecker
has authored over 100 articles and chapters on ethics and health care. Her articles have
appeared in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Hastings Center Report, Annals
of Internal Medicine, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, The Encyclopedia of
Bioethics, and other publications.

Recent Publications:

  • Jecker, Nancy S., Forthcoming. “Futility and Fairness: A Defense of the Texas Advance
    Directive Law.” American Journal of Bioethics.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., Schneiderman, Lawrence J., Derse, Arthur R, Forthcoming. “Ethical Issues
    Related to Cardiac Arrest Treatment and Research.” Paper commissioned by the National
    Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., Dudzinski, Denise, Diekema, Doug, Tonelli, Mark, Forthcoming. “Ebola Virus Disease: Ethics and Emergency Medical Response Policy.” CHEST: American College of Chest Physicians.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2015. “Rethinking Rescue Medicine.” American Journal of Bioethics 15(2): 1-
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2014. “Selling Ourselves: The Ethics of Paid Living Kidney Donation.”
    American Journal of Bioethics 14(10): 1-6.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2014. “Reply to Open Peer Commentaries on ‘Justice Between Age Groups:
    An Objection to the Prudential Lifespan Approach.” American Journal of Bioethics 14(10):
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2014. “Against A Duty to Die.” Virtual Mentor: American Medical
    Association Journal of Ethics 16(5): 390-394.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2013. “Justice Between Age Groups: An Objection to the Prudential Lifespan
    Approach.’” American Journal of Bioethics, Target Article, 13(8): 3-15.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2013. “The Problem with Rescue Medicine.” The Journal of Medicine and
    Philosophy 38(1): 64-81.
  • Jecker, Nancy S. 2012. “The Right Not to be Born: Reinterpreting the Nonidentity Problem.”
    American Journal of Bioethics 12(8): 34-35.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2011. “Medical Futility and the Death of a Child.” Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 8(2):
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2011.“Toward a New Model of Autonomy: Lessons from Neuroscience.”
  • Jecker, Nancy S., , 2010. “The Ethics of Substituting Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners,
    and Physicians” American Journal of Bioethics 10(8): 11-18.
  • Jecker, Nancy S., , 2009. “Physician-Assisted Death in the Pacific Northwest” American Journal
    of “A Broader View of Justice.” American Journal of Bioethics, Target Article,
  • Jecker, Nancy S., 2008. “Just Health Care For Combatants.” American Journal of Bioethics
    8(2). “The Role of Standpoint in Justice Theory.” The Journal of Value Inquiry 41(4): 165-182
    and erratum published in The Journal of Value Inquiry 42(2): 269.
  • Jecker, Nancy S. 2007. “Medical Futility: A Paradigm Analysis.” HEC Forum 19(1): 13-32.
  • Jecker, Nancy S. 2005. “Health Care Reform: What History Doesn’t Teach.” Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 26: 277-305.


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