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Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (H-BANES) Program (73 credits)

See Option 4 on the Undergraduate Program page here.

The list of courses below is not exhaustive. This is because new and temporary courses are added to departmental rosters on a continual basis. If you have taken or plan to take a course in NELC or another department that you feel belongs under the rubric of the H-BANES Program then you may bring it to the attention of NELC’s Undergraduate Advisor, who then will assess whether it may apply to the option.

  1. Two years or its equivalent (as evidenced by an examination) of biblical Hebrew. Alternatively, a student may satisfy this language requirement by combining a minimum of four quarters of biblical Hebrew with two quarters of other ancient Near Eastern languages, including Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Coptic, Akkadian, second year Greek, or other appropriate languages as approved by the NELC Undergraduate Advisor, including:

    AKKAD 401 Elementary Akkadian I
    AKKAD 402 Elementary Akkadian II
    AKKAD 403 Elementary Akkadian III
    AKKAD 421 Intermediate Akkadian I
    AKKAD 422 Intermediate Akkadian II
    AKKAD 423 Intermediate Akkadian III
    ARAMIC 421 Biblical Aramaic (5)
    ARAMIC 422 Targumic Aramaic (5)
    EGYPT 410 Hieroglyphic Egyptian (5)
    EGYPT 411 Introduction to Coptic (3)
    EGYPT 422 Readings in Coptic (3)
    EGYPT 423 Readings in Coptic (3)
    HEBR 414 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I (5)
    HEBR 415 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II (5)
    HEBR 426 Biblical Hebrew Prose (5)
    HEBR 427 Biblical Hebrew Poetry (5)
    HEBR 428 Inscriptions from Biblical Times (5)
    GREEK 307 Homer (5)
    GREEK 308 Introduction to Koine Greek Texts (3)

  2. NEAR E 220 Introduction to the Ancient Near East (5 credits)
  3. NEAR E 240 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (5 credits)
  4. 20 credits in Near Eastern courses with at least one course from each of the following areas (at least 10 of these credits must be taken within NELC; see advisor for approved courses for each category):

    a.  Ancient Near Eastern History, Society, and Culture

    NEAR E 215 Prophets in Islam and Judaism (5)
    NEAR E 451 Pharaonic Egypt in the Context of the Ancient Near East (3)
    NEAR E/SISJE 453 Biblical Prophets (3)
    NEAR E/SISJE 454 Israel: the First Six Centuries BCE (3)
    NEAR E/SISJE 455 Kings of Monarchic Israel (3)
    NEAR E/RELIG 456 Women in Ancient Judaism (3)
    NEAR E 496 Special Studies in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (3-5)
       (with appropriate topic)
    SISJE 497 Field Archaeology (1-10, max 20). Site decided by instructor.
    JSIS B 145 Introduction to Judaism (3)
    JSIS D 328 The Emergence of Christianity (5)
    JSIS B 408 The World of the Early Church (5)
    JSIS B 412 Gnosticism in Early Christianity (5)
    JSIS B 445 Greek and Roman Religion (3)
    CL AR 340 Pre-Classical Art and Archaeology (3)
    CL AR 341 Greek Art and Archaeology (3)
    CL AR 342 Roman Art and Archaeology (3)
    CLAS 326 Women in Antiquity (3)
    CLAS 430 Greek and Roman Mythology (3/5)
    CLAS 445 Greek and Roman Religion (3)
    HIST 111: Introduction to Western Civilization: The Ancient World (5)
    HIST 307 History of Christianity (5)
    HISTAM 201, 202 Ancient History (5)
    HISTAM 205 Military History of the Ancient World (5)
    HISTAM 405 Topics in Ancient History (3, max. 6) (with appropriate topic)
    ART H 201 Survey of Western Art--Ancient (5)
    ART H 340 Pre-Classical Art and Archaeology (3)
    ART H 341 Greek Art and Archaeology (3)
    ART H 342 Roman Art and Archaeology (3)
    ARCHY 312 The Archaeology of Egypt (5)

    b.  Ancient Near Eastern Literature in Translation

    NEAR E 230 Themes in Near Eastern Literature (3) (with permission of instructor)
    NEAR E 430 Scripture in Islam (5)
    NEAR E/SISJE 452 Song of Songs (3)
    NEAR E 457 History of Biblical Interpretation (3)
    NEAR E 458 Introduction to the Talmud
    NEAR E 496 Special Studies in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (3-5)
       (with appropriate topic)
    HEBR 453 Introduction to the Talmud (3)
    ARAB 470/HEBR 470 Stories of the Prophets (3)
    RELIG 405 Scripture in Judaism (5)
    CLAS 424 The Epic Tradition (5)
    GREEK 422 Herodotus and the Persian Wars (3)

  5. 8 credits in non-language, upper division NELC courses related to Ancient Near East.
  6. NEAR E 498 -- Senior Essay on a topic in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (5 credits).
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