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Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (H-BANES) Program (72 credits)

See Option 3 on the Undergraduate Program page here.

The list of courses below is not exhaustive. This is because new and temporary courses are added to departmental rosters on a continual basis. If you have taken or plan to take a course in NELC or another department that you feel belongs under the rubric of the H-BANES Program then you may bring it to the attention of NELC’s Undergraduate Advisor, who then will assess whether it may apply to the option.

(HBANES modified its major requirments, effective Summer 2015. If you are a HBANES major who declared before Summer 2015 please contact the NELC advisor for the previous requirments.)


Note: Courses cannot be duplicated and used in multiple areas of the degree.
Twenty-two (22) credits must be taken in-residence at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.

  1. Gateway to the Near East (NEAR E 101).
  2. Two NEAR E Courses;
    1. Introduction to the Ancient Near East (NEAR E 201)
    2. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (NEAR E 202)
  3. Two years or its equivalent (as evidenced by an examination) of biblical Hebrew at the 100- and 200-levels. 15 credits at each level for a total of 30 credits. . Alternatively, a student may satisfy this language requirement by combining a minimum of four quarters of biblical Hebrew with two quarters of other ancient Near Eastern languages, including Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Coptic, Akkadian, second year Greek, or other appropriate languages as approved by the NELC Undergraduate Advisor, including:

    (contact nelc undergrad adviser for an up to date list)

  4. Senior Seminar (NEAR E 491). All seniors are required to take a Senior Seminar class during their final Autumn quarter
  5. Twenty five (25) credits of supporting coursework from the following categories:
    1. Advanced literature: 300- or 400-level courses from NEAR E or language prefixes.
    2. Other language courses such as Ugaritic or Egyptian (must not exceed 15 credits).
    3. Approved relevant exceptions (must not exceed 15 credits).

    Note: NEAR E 498 (Senior Essay, 5 credits) can be used here if the student prefers.

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