Mission and Goals

The Biocomputing Laboratory (BCL) is a home for teaching, learning, and research for computer scientists, engineers, biologists, and theoreticians interested in combining discoveries in computing, biology, engineering, and mathematics to improve our understanding of biology and to build better computer systems.

The BCL has a multidisciplinary focus, with great emphasis placed on bridging the semantic gap between these fields of study. We want to create an environment where no field is primary. In the BCL, computers are not an enabling technology, biology is not an application area, and mathematics is not fundamental background. Our goal is to combine inquiry in all these fields -- without regard to preconceived notions of disciplinary boundaries -- to explore, to learn, to teach, to discover, and to invent.

This philosophy extends to our view of teaching, research, and the contributions of undergraduate students to our work. We integrate these activities through relevant courses offered by the Program. Research results are incorporated into classroom lectures, homeworks, and projects. Undergraduates have the opportunity to select homeworks and projects that are part of laboratory research activities.