Student Research Opportunities in the CSS Biocomputing Lab

The UWB CSS Biocomputing Laboratory is interested in the intersection of biology and computing. This includes building simulations of biological systems, developing computational solutions for biology, analyzing simulation or experimental data, and developing all of the infrastructure necessary to do these things and disseminate our results. This means that we have a wide range of opportunities for students to help, from new CSS majors to graduate students searching for a thesis topic. It also means that our work intersects with a number of CSS faculty members' interests, as well as colleagues in other UWB programs and at other campuses. If you're interested, you can begin working in the lab early in your career here at UWB doing general tasks and learning about the specifics of our work, and later start on more ambitious projects. This is an excellent way to build a portfolio of work and to build professional connections with faculty and other students.

General Projects

Specialized Projects