UW Bioengineering Academic Programs


Creativity, problem solving and leadership

These are core tools when it comes to improving lives through bioengineering. Whether you want a career in academia, industry or medicine, and work in a lab, office or clinic, UW Bioengineering’s top-ranked programs create leadership in research and innovation, skill in synthesizing and communicating ideas across disciplines, and creativity in problem-solving.

At UW Bioengineering, students, internationally-recognized faculty and seasoned professionals come together in idea-percolating collaborations. With unparalleled access to resources, and through the process of discovery, our students graduate as leaders in innovation, prepared to take on biomedical challenges and improve lives.

What makes UW Bioengineering unique

UW Bioengineering Molecular Engineering Building

  • Located in Seattle, epicenter of global health efforts and vibrant local bioengineering industry
  • Joint department in nationally recognized School of Medicine and College of Engineering
  • Small class sizes translate to increased student success
  • World-class research opportunities for every student
  • Internationally recognized academic programs at all levels
  • Faculty and alumni pioneers of biomedical innovation since the 1950’s
  • Supportive, collaborative community

Explore UW Bioengineering’s Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate students receive personal attention in small class sizes, engage in a culture of collaboration, and conduct research alongside world-renowned faculty.

Learn more about UW Bioengineering’s ABET-accredited undergraduate program.

Graduate Programs

Ranked 6th among the nation’s biomedical engineering/bioengineering programs (US News & World Report), our graduate programs feature a diverse student body with a range of academic backgrounds, including bioengineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, electrical engineering and more. Through our graduate programs, students can transform their skills into extraordinary abilities in academia and research.

Learn more about UW Bioengineering’s graduate programs.

Professional Master’s and Certificate Programs

In partnership with UW Professional and Continuing Education, we offer flexible options to meet the needs of working engineers, scientists, researchers and professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and related industries. Our professional master’s degree program and certificates provide the latest in relevant skills, and help students gain a competitive edge and advance their careers.

Learn more about UW Bioengineering’s professional master’s program and certificate programs.

Other Academic Opportunities

Our close collaborations across campus offer a wide range of other academic opportunities, including the M.D./Ph.D., Program on Technology Commercialization, dual Bioengineering and nanotechnology degree, and more.

Learn more about other academic opportunities.