UW Bioengineering Graduate Programs

Bioengineering students conversing in a lab

We know from experience that creative sparks fly quickest when talented people from across the fields of science, engineering and medicine work together. UW Bioengineering’s graduate programs are designed to maximize those interactions. And, through resources such as unique partnerships with the new UW Molecular Engineering and Systems Institute, UW Center for Nanotechnology, UW Department of Global Health, UW Business School and others, our graduate programs allow students the opportunity to transform their skills into stand-out abilities in academia and research.

Our multidisciplinary graduate programs:

  • Consistently rank highly amongst the nation’s biomedical engineering graduate programs by US News and World Report
  • Develop cross-disciplinary expertise in engineering and biology
  • Seek students with degrees in bioengineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, math, biology, computer science, electrical engineering and related disciplines
  • Feature an intensive research experience with faculty mentors from UW Bioengineering and across UW
  • Maintain a strong base of extramural research funding
  • Host the Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Grant (NIH); faculty and students participate in other NIH training grants at UW

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

The accelerated Bachelor/Master’s of Science (B.S./M.S.) degree program allows students to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years. This program is open to current UW Bioengineering undergraduate students only.

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Master’s Program

The thesis-based Master of Science (M.S.) degree is indicative of the ability to successfully engage in independent research. It is ideal for those seeking careers in industry, as well as those who wish to pursue further education or careers in academia.

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Master of Applied Bioenginenering (MAB)

The Master of Applied Bioengineering (MAB) is a one year , full time professional master’s degree program that trains students to apply engineering design to address today’s clinical challenges and fulfill the market-based demands of industry and medicine for biotechnology.

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Ph.D. Program

The most advanced degree we offer, the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree demonstrates high achievement in bioengineering, including excellent intellectual leadership and independence as a scientific researcher.

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