UW Bioengineering Financial Information

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Undergraduate Financial Information

Undergraduate tuition rates and fees are set and published by the UW Office of Planning & Budgeting.

Learn more about the total cost of attendance at UW.

Below are estimates for 2014-15 annual budgets for undergraduate students paying Washington State Resident and Nonresident (out of state) tuition, as well as information about financial aid.

Annual Student Budget for Washington State Residents 2013-14
Lives Away from Home Lives with Parents Non-Traditional
Tuition & Fees $12,394 $12,394 $12,394
Room & Board $10,833 $3,483 $14,076
Room & Board $1,206 $1,206 $1,206
Personal Expenses $2,265 $2,265 $2,265
Transportation $414 $414 $1,296
Total $27,587 $19,762 $31,237

Annual Student Budget for Nonresidents 2013-14
Lives Away from Home Lives with Parents Non-Traditional
Tuition & Fees $33,513 $33,513 $33,513
Room & Board $10,833 $3,483 $14,076
Room & Board $1,206 $1,206 $1,206
Personal Expenses $2,265 $2,265 $2,265
Transportation $414 $414 $1,296
Total $48,231 $40,881 $52,356

Financial Aid

University of Washington undergraduates receive about $400 million in financial aid per year. Over 60% of UW undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid. Learn more about financial aid options available for undergraduates at UW.

Graduate Student Financial Information

Graduate tuition rates and fees are set and published by the UW Office of Planning & Budgeting. UW Bioengineering’s graduate program tuition is Tier I. More information about current and prior year tuition and fee schedules is available on the Office of Planning and Budgeting’s website.

Tuition and fees change annually – please contact the Senior Academic Counselor for more information.

Students who are appointed on a Research Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship will qualify for a Resident Tuition Waiver. All other out-of-state students who do not have a RA or TA appointment are required to pay non-resident tuition.

Applicants requesting an F-1 or J-1 visa must meet the UW’s financial ability requirement to show that they have adequate funding to cover living costs and tuition and campus fees for the first year of study.

With rare exception, international and domestic PhD students receive full financial support for the first 2-3 quarters by the department and thereafter by the student’s principal investigator. Support includes tuition, a monthly stipend and health insurance benefits (medical/dental/vision), assuming satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Master of Science and Combined Bachelor/Master of Science students do not receive financial support and are responsible for paying their tuition.

All students are responsible for paying nominal quarterly fees (includes cost of full-fare transit pass, technology fee, building fees and others).

Determining how to finance your education may be a critical factor in a student’s decision to apply to graduate school. Although some students have strong financial support from their family or government, most need to plan carefully. There are many forms of financial support that students may be eligible for as a graduate student. Students are advised to search early and seek all possible funding options. Some helpful resources:

Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) – Information about need-based financial aid such as student loans and work study.

Fellowships – Generally offered by graduate programs, fellowships may be discipline-specific as well as broad.

Assistantships – Assistantships are available via appointing departments and are covered by a union contract. Options include teaching assistantship (TA), research assistantship (RA) and staff assistantship (SA).

Other Funding Resources – More ideas to help students finance their graduate education.

Professional Master’s and Certificates Financial Information

Tuition and fees for UW Bioengineering professional master’s and certificate programs are handled by UW Professional and Continuing Education.

Required Tuition and Fees, 2013-2014
Tuition (Fee Rate): $635 per credit
Non-Refundable Quarterly Registration Fee: $42
UPASS: $76/quarter – required for all matriculated students
ISS Fee (international students only): $45/quarter
The ISS Fee supports international students across campus, including in Career Services, Undergraduate Advising, the Counseling Center, and ISS. Graduate students holding RA/TA appointments will not be assessed the fee.
UW Technology Fee Other Required Fees*
Credits Fee Credits Fee
10 and above $41 10 and above $246
9 $41 9 $246
8 $41 8 $246
7 $41 7 $246
6 $35 6 $211
5 $29 5 $176
4 $23 4 $140
3 $17 3 $106
0-2 $11 0-2 $70

* Other required fees are the services & activities fee, IMA bond fee, the facilities renovation fee and a financial aid fee made up of five percent of the other fees. See the UW Academic Calendar for information regarding registration, payment and fee refund deadlines.