April 10, 2014: Prof. Hans Peter Kiem, Fred Hutchinson Research Center

Bioengineering Department Seminar: Stem Cell Gene Therapy for HIV/AIDS

April 17, 2014: Nathan Price, Associate Director, Institute for Systems Biology

Bioengineering Departmental Seminar: Connecting genotype to phenotype through integrated biochemical and statistical models

April 24, 2014 – (Imaging Faculty Candidate) Jesse V. Jokerst, Department of Radiology, Stanford University

Bioengineering Departmental Seminar: Engineering Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Contrast Agents for Cancer Imaging and Cardiac Regenerative Medicine

May 1, 2014: TBD

May 1, 2014: BIOE-AP Seminar: Kedar Patel, Senior Scientist, DNA 2.0

A Unique Synthetic Biology Platform for the Efficient Engineering of Biological Systems

May 8, 2014: Prof. Adam Engler, Bioengineering, University of California San Diego

Bioengineering Departmental Seminar: Mechanically-induced Signaling Directs Cardiac Maturation and Aging

May 15, 2014: TBD

May 22, 2014: Prof. Kristi S. Anseth, Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Bioengineering Departmental Seminar: Dynamic Cell Scaffolds through Photochemical Reactions

May 29, 2014: TBD

June 5, 2014: BIOE-AP Speaker: Bio Ventures for Global Health