Aaron Chevalier – Final Defense

Aaron Chevalier Final Defense Title: De Novo Designed Binders Against Influenza Hemagglutinin Thursday January 8, 3:00pm – Foege N130A

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Jeremiah Wander – Final Defense

Jeremiah Wander Final Defense Title: Neural correlates of learning and intent during human brain-computer interface use Friday, January 9, 10:00am – Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, 1414 NE 42nd St.; Suite […]

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Jesse Macadangdang – General Exam

Jesse Macadangdang General Exam Title: Bioengineered Human Myocardium with Structural and Functional Maturity for Disease Modeling and Drug Screening Friday, January 9, 12:00pm – South Lake Union E130B

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Joe Powers – Qualifying Exam

Joe Powers Qualifying Exam Title: TBD Friday, January 23 – South lake Union E301

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Brynn Livesay – Qualifying Exam

Brynn Livesay Qualifying Exam Title: TBD Monday, January 26, 11:00am – Foege N130

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UW Bioengineering Welcomes New Undergraduate Peer Advisors

UW Bioengineering welcomes current BS Bioengineering students Hani Mahmoud and Rachel Lucero into their new roles as undergraduate peer advisors. The role of the peer advisors is to help prospective […]

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9/24/2013 – 2nd Annual UW Bioengineering Fall Open House

2nd Annual UW Bioengineering Fall Open House Tuesday September 24, 2013 – 8:30am – 5:00pm Please join the UW Bioengineering community for an opportunity to interact with faculty and learn […]

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