• Demonstration of diagnostic device using sugar concentrations to delay fluid flow
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    A spoonful of sugar helps fluid flow in microfluidic devices

A spoonful of sugar helps fluid flow in microfluidic devices

UW Bioengineering research assistant professor Dr. Barry Lutz and colleagues have demonstrated the concept of “programming” paper microfluidic devices with various concentrations of sugar to control the speed of fluid flow

Charles Murry, François Baneyx named AAAS fellows

UW Bioengineering professor Dr. Charles Murry (joint in Cardiology and Pathology) and adjunct faculty Dr. François Baneyx (professor of Chemical Engineering) are among 5 UW faculty members recently named American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellows.

Cecilia Giachelli receives UW Postdoc Assoc. mentor award

UW Bioengineering acting chair and professor Cecilia Giachelli has received the UW Postdoc Association’s outstanding mentor award.

UW Bioengineering welcomes BMES to Seattle, Hosts Lab Tours

Seattle hosted the 2013 BMES Annual Meeting, and UW Bioengineering student, faculty and staff volunteers were present in force to welcome, engage and educate over 4,000 conference attendees.

Barry Lutz on Diagnostics for Global Health

UW Bioengineering research assistant professor Barry Lutz discusses recent developments in point of care diagnostics research in an article for the Project Syndicate website.

New strategy lets cochlear implant users hear music

UW Bioengineering professor Dr. Jay Rubinstein is working to improve the signal processing abilities of cochlear implants, allowing users of the technology to hear music.

Ying Zheng receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

UW Bioengineering assistant professor Ying Zheng has received an NIH Director’s New Innovator Award to recognize her work creating organ-specific microenvironments for regenerative medicine and therapeutic development.

Deok-Ho Kim Receives Young Investigator Award from KSEA

UW Bioengineering Assistant Professor Deok-Ho Kim is a 2013 recipient of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) Young Investigator Award.

Deok-Ho Kim Receives LSDF Grant

Deok-Ho Kim has received a $250,000 Proof of Concept grant from the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, which will further development of a micro/nano-engineered cardiotoxicity assay.

Immune Cell Targeting Method Slows Cancer Growth in Mice

UW Bioengineering Robert J. Rushmer Associate Professor of Bioengineering Dr. Suzie Pun and collaborators have developed a method to target and eliminate a cancer-supporting type of immune cell, or macrophage, […]