Student Exams

Cameron Ball – PhD Final Defense

Cameron Ball PhD Final Defense Title: Electrospun fibers for HIV prevention Friday, July 25, 2014, 1:00 PM, Foege N503

Zheng Li – General Exam

Zheng Li General Exam Title: Can light be an auxiliary driving force for microcirculation? Friday, July 25th, 10:00 am, Foege N230

Amanda Sudduth – MS Defense

Amanda Sudduth MS Defense Title: The Role of the Ankle Plantar Flexors During Running with Different Strike Patterns Tuesday, July 22, 9:00 am, Foege N130

Mallory Monahan – Qualifying Exam

Mallory Monahan Qualifying Exam Title: TBD Friday, July 18, 12:00 pm, Foege N503  

Tim Chang – PhD Defense

Tim (Chi-Ting) Chang PhD Defense Title: “Towards Personalized Cancer Therapy: Microfluidic Approaches for Drug Screening Monday June 2, 1:30pm – Foege, N130A

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Anthony Au – PhD Defense

Anthony Au PhD Defense Title: “Towards Widespread Adoption of Automated Microfluidic Systems” Wednesday June 4, 10:00am – Foege N130A

Edin Mehic – MS Defense

Edin Mehic MS Defense Title: “Increased Anatomical Specificity of Neuromodulation via Modulated Focused Ultrasound” Thursday, June 5, 10:00am – HSB – RR738

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Gina Fridley – PhD Defense

Gina Fridley PhD Defense Title: “Methods and models to control and predict behavior of two dimensional paper networks for diagnostics” Friday, June 6, 1:00pm – Foege N130A

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Sarah Nowakowski – PhD Defense

Sarah Nowakowski PhD Defense Title: “Engineering the Cardiac Fuel Supply: Elevation of 2 Deoxy-ATP for Myofilament-Targeted Treatment of Heart Failure” Thursday June 12, 10:00am – Foege N130A

Stanley Gu – General Exam

Stanley Gu General Exam Title: “Carbon.js: A Toolkit for Building Interactive Web Applications for Computational Systems Biology” Friday, June 13, 10:00am – Foege N503