Student Exams

Tyler Maxfield, MS Defense

Title: “Glassy Carbon ECoG for In-Vivo Sensing and Stimulation” Date: August 5, 2015 Location: Foege N403 Time: 12:00 p.m.

Jin Liu – General Exam

Jin Liu General Exam Title: “Motion Correction in MRI Using Structured Light” July 30, 3:00pm – Foege N403

Zhongdi Chu – MS Defense

Zhongdi Chu MS Defense Title: “Opthalmic Application of Optical Coherence Tomography” July 31, 3:00 – Foege N403

Nathaniel Coulson – MS Defense

Nathaniel Coulson MS Defense Title:”Design and Construction of a Sensor for Monitoring Blood Parameters During Resuscitation” August 5, 9:00am – HSB RR738

Shawn Yu – Final Defense

Shawn Yu Final Defense Title: “Computational design of interleukin-2 Mimetics Hemagglutinin” August 5, 2:00pm – Foege N130

Shiv Bhandari – MS Defense

Shiv Bhandari MS Defense Title: “Engineering a Novel Device to Implement Afterload on Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Tissuess” August 14, 3:00pm – Foege N130

Camilo Perez – Final Defense

Camilo Perez Final Defense Title: “Characterizing ultrasound (US) pressure fields, microbubbles & their interaction” August 19, 10:00am – HSB RR134