UW Bioengineering Staff Directory


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UW Bioengineering Chair’s Office Administrative Staff

UW Bioengineering Chair’s Office located in Foege N107. Office hours 9 AM – 4 PM. Receptionist may be reached during office hours by emailing bioeasst@uw.edu or calling 206-685-2000.

UW Bioengineering interim chair Cecilia Giachelli

Cecilia Giachelli
Interim Chair

Email: bioechr@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-2002
UW Bioengineering administrator Ruth Woods

Ruth Woods

Email: rwoods@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-2004
UW Bioengineering computing services manager Norbert Berger

Norbert Berger
Computing Services Manager

Email: norbert@uw.edu
Phone: (206)543-9757
UW Bioengineering building and facilities manager Sonia Honeydew

Sonia Honeydew
Bioengineering Building Coordinator

Email: soniah2@uw.edu
Phone: (206)543-6127
UW Bioengineering fiscal specialist Buzzy Mounce

Elizabeth (Buzzy) Mounce
Fiscal Specialist

Email: emounce@uw.edu
Phone: (206)221-6707
 UW Bioengineering payroll specialist Andy Nicastro

Andy Nicastro
Payroll Specialist

Email: bioepay@uw.edu
Phone: (206)543-1143
UW Bioengineering assistant to the chair Shirley Nollette

Shirley Nollette
Assistant to the Chair and Faculty HR Specialist

Email: nolletts@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-2002
UW Bioengineering grants manager Becky Rooney

Becky Rooney
Grants Manager

Email: bioegrnt@uw.edu
Phone: (206)543-7240
Laura Wright photo

Laura Wright
Communications & HR Manager

Email: lew3@uw.edu
Phone: (206)543-8958

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UW Bioengineering Advising and Academic Services Staff

UW Bioengineering Vice Chair of Academic Affairs Wendy Thomase

Wendy Thomas
Vice Chair of Academic Affairs

Email: wendyt@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-3947
UW Bioengineering director of academic services Kelli Jayn Nichols

Kelli Jayn Nichols,
Director of Academic Services

Email: knichols@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-2022
UW Bioengineering senior academic counselor Dorian Varga

Dorian Varga
Senior Academic Counselor (graduate advising)

Email: dst@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-3494
Josh Lee

Josh Lee
Academic Counselor (undergraduate advising)

Email: jlee32@uw.edu Phone: (206)616-2423

Fall 2014 Drop-in Hours: Mon. 2pm-4pm, Wed. 11am-1pm in Foege N107


Lucy Pick
Program Coordinator

Email: pickl@uw.edu
Phone: (206)221-5448
UW Bioengineering peer advisor Rachel Lucero

Rachel Lucero
Peer Advisor

Email: bioepeer@uw.edu

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UW Bioengineering Translational and Development Staff

UW Bioengineering faculty Michael Regnier

Michael Regnier
Vice Chair of Executive Affairs and Development

Email: mregnier@uw.edu
Phone: (206)616-4325
UW Bioengineering Coulter Program Associate Director Kathie Jordan

Kathie Jordan
Director, Coulter Program

Email: kjordan@uw.edu
Phone: (206)221-1984

Kassandra Thomson
Assistant Director, Coulter Program

Email: coulter1@uw.edu
Phone: (206)685-4887

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