A recognized leader in biomedical innovation, UW Bioengineering has the support to quickly move its advancements from the lab into clinical practice and influence the future of health care.

Patents, Inventions, Startups

Our faculty and students have launched numerous successful startup companies and regularly license technology to industry partners, fueling our economy and transforming lives.
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Bioengineering Affiliates Program

The Bioengineering Affiliates Program (BioE-AP) establishes active relationships with local and national biotechnology industry. This program is designed to enhance interactions between industry, non-profit organizations, individuals and the UW Bioengineering community

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UW Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program

The UW Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program identifies and supports innovative biomedical research projects that have a high likelihood of commercial success.
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Health Innovators Collaborative

The Health Innovators Collaborative will facilitate information exchange, educational opportunities, partnership development and shared resource utilization among individuals and organizations in Washington that are dedicated to constructive innovations in health care.
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