The Health Innovators Collaborative, in partnership with UW Medicine and the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, seeks to assist the health care innovation ecosystem in Washington state as it adapts to the profound changes underway in American health care. The Collaborative will work with companies, research groups and educational programs to facilitate information exchange, educational opportunities, partnership development and shared resource utilization.

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Goals of the Health Innovators Collaborative

  • Facilitate information exchange about the needs and opportunities emerging as health care evolves
  • Provide educational opportunities, especially ways for UW students to achieve an initial exposure to the changing realities of health care and thereby enhance their prospects for employment related to these changes
  • Connect people and organizations with complementary interests
  • Share current information about unique facilities and resources available to innovators seeking to advance a new idea

Health Innovators Collaborative Seminars

The Health Innovators Collaborative Seminars are free but please register if you’re planning to attend.

First Tuesdays of each month at 4:30
Location: Varies, see instructions in each seminar post (below)

An exciting array of informative and provocative seminars has been designed to bring the community of innovators, corporate and academic, together.

2015-16 Seminars

February 1, 2016, Michael Birt, Arizona State University

Talk title: Sensing Change: Can biosensors really deliver on the promise of better health outcomes?

January 5, 2016, John D. Scott, Medical Director, Telehealth Services

Talk title: Health care innovation through telehealth: opportunities and challenges

December 1, 2015, Jim Thomas, Biotherapeutics

Talk title: Just: Biotherapeutics for All

November 3, 2015, Jeremy Stone,

Talk title: Health Innovation Bonds

October 6, 2015, Jurgen Unutzer, UW Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Talk title: Disruptive Innovation to Improve Mental Health Care

2014-15 Seminars

May 5, 2015, Joseph M. Gifford, Providence ACO

Talk title: Risk and Funds Flow in the Health Care Marketplace

March 30, 2015, Arnold Milstein, Stanford University

Talk title: Providing Better Care with Less

March 5, 2015, Christopher Hall, Philips Healthcare

Talk title: Delivering Innovation Across the Health Care Continuum

February 3, 2015, Ralph C. Derrickson, Carena, Inc.

Talk title: Entering the Era of Consumer-Driven Access and Delivery

January 6, 2015, Scott Ramsey, Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Talk title: A Novel Regional Approach to Address the Crisis in Quality and Cost in Cancer

December 2, 2014, Greg Marchand, Boeing

Talk title: The Boeing ACO: Potential Model for Next Generation Healthcare

November 4, 2014, Rob Coppedge, Cambia Health Solutions

Talk title: Building a new epicenter for healthcare innovation - Cambia's bet on the Pacific Northwest

June 3, 2014, Peter Neupert, Health Evolution Partners

Talk title: IT can make a big difference in health: Why hasn’t it?

May 13, 2014, Larry Kessler, UW Department of Health Services

Talk title: Demonstrating Value in Health Innovation: Lessons from Comparative Effectiveness Research

April 22, 2014, Paul Ramsey, UW Medicine

Talk title: The Transformation of Healthcare: Forces, Directions and Implications

April 1, 2014, Oren Lang-Furr, Ernst & Young

Talk title: Seismic Changes of Healthcare Necessitate New Approaches to Innovation: A National Perspective