UW Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program

The UW Coulter Translational Research Partnership (TRP) Program is an alliance between the School of Medicine and College of Engineering, with a dedicated focus on developing technologies that will save, extend and improve lives. The Coulter TRP Program supports a university-wide culture of translational research by helping connect UW engineers and clinicians working on translational research, providing resources to help teams develop a roadmap to commercialization and make contacts in industry, and developing educational programs on technology commercialization. The program is supported by a multi-year grant from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

With a long history of translating research into products for medicine, in 2005, the University of Washington became one of 10 pioneering universities to receive the Coulter Translational Partnership Award in Biomedical Engineering. Based on the success of the first partnerships, in 2010, 6 additional universities were awarded Coulter Translational Partnerships. To meet our aggressive commercialization goals, the UW Coulter TRP Program also partners with:

UW Center for Commercialization
Institute of Translational Health Sciences
Washington Research Foundation



Kassandra Thomson, Coulter Program Assistant Director

Kassandra Thomson, Ph.D.
Coulter Program Director

Email:   coulter1@uw.edu
Phone:   (206) 221-1984

Award Application and Proposal Guidelines

Coulter Translational Research Awards: 2015 Seed Funding Application and Administrative Guidelines

Project selection is based upon the following criteria:

  • Significant unmet or underserved clinical need
  • Intellectual property position
  • Substantial improvement over the “Gold Standard” of current care and/or a significant reduction in the cost of health care delivery
  • Reasonable and achievable milestones
  • High probability of attracting follow-on funding within 3-5 years of receiving the award
  • Strength and nature of the clinical collaboration

Please contact the Coulter Program Director for further information.

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