Suzie H. Pun

Robert F. Rushmer Associate Professor
Phone: (206)685-3488
Office: Foege N530P

UW Bioengineering faculty Suzie Pun

Lab Website
How I am inventing the future of medicine
We are developing new materials to improve and/or enable delivery of macromolecule drugs.
Research Interests
Drug delivery
CNS disorders
Research Description
The overarching goal of our research is to develop bio-inspired materials for medical applications. Our general approach is to mimic pathways used by nature in our materials design. To this end, we have identified bioactive peptide motifs through both rational design and library selection. In addition, we have developed a method for synthesizing chimeric, peptide-based polymers. Using this approach, we can engineer highly uniform and scalable materials with controlled compositions, structures and sizes that can be used for versatile biomedical applications. The Pun group focuses on door-opening technologies in drug delivery, including innovations for macromolecule delivery to the central nervous system and modulation of the immune system.
PhD Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology, 2000
MS Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
BS Chemical Engineering, Stanford University
Postdoc Information
Awards and Honors
2008 Undergraduate Mentor Award, University of Washington
2008 Junior Faculty Innovator Award, UW College of Engineering
2007 Outstanding Teacher/Mentor Award, UW Bioengineering
2006 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
2005 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
2005 Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy Young Investigator Award
2002 MIT Technology Review’s TR100 Award: “top 100 young innovators”
2000 Everhart Lectureship Prize, California Institute of Technology
UW Bioengineering Courses Taught
Bioen 345: Failure Analysis of Physiologic Systems
Bioen 491: Controlled Release Systems
Bioen 498/Bioen 599: Advanced Drug Delivery
Selected Publications
Wei, H., Volpatti, L.R., Sellers, D.L., Maris, D.O., Andrews, I.W., Hemphill, A.S., Chan, L.W., Chu, D.S.H., Horner, P.J., and Pun, S.H. (2013) Dual-responsive, stabilized nanoparticles for efficient in vivo plasmid delivery. Angewandte Chemie, v52:5377-5381.

Shi, J., Chou, B., Choi, J.L., Ta, A.L., and Pun, S.H. Investigation of polyethylenimine/DNA polyplex transfection to cultured cells using radiolabeling and subcellular fractionation methods. (2013) Mol Pharm, v10:2145-2156.

Schellinger, J.G., Pahang, J.A., Johnson, R.N., Chu, D.S.H., Sellers, D.L., Maris, D.O., Convertine, A.J., Stayton, P.S., Horner, P.J., and Pun, S.H. (2013) Melittin-grafted HPMA-Oligolysine Based Copolymers for Improved Gene Delivery. Biomaterials, v34:2318-2326.

Chan, L.W., Wang, Y-N., Lin, L.Y., Upton, M.P., Hwang, J.H., and Pun, S.H. (2013) Synthesis and characterization of anti-EGFR fluorescent nanoparticles for optical molecular imaging. Bioconj Chem, v24:167-175.

Wei, H., Schellinger, J.G., Chu, D.S.H., and Pun, S.H. (2012) Neuron-targeted copolymers with sheddable shielding blocks synthesized using a reducible, RAFT-ATRP double-head agent. JACS, v134:16554-16557.

Kacherovsky, N., Harkey, M.A., Blau, C.A., Giachelli, C.M., and Pun, S.H. (2012) Combination of Sleeping Beauty transposition and Chemically Induced Dimerization selection for robust production of engineered cells. Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gks213.

Kim, T.H., Mount, C.W., Dulken, B.W., Ramos, J., Fu, C.J., Khant, H.A., Chiu, W., Gombotz, W., Pun, S.H. (2012) Filamentous, mixed micelles of triblock copolymers enhance tumor localization of indocyanine green in a murine xenograft model. Mol Pharmaceutics v9:135-143.


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