Colin Studholme

Joint Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering
Phone: (206)221-7022
Office: HSB RR439A

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How I am inventing the future of medicine

I aim to change the way we image and quantify early human brain growth, which will lead to a better understanding of how brain anatomy and function develops before and shortly after birth. This objective ultimately can be achieved by identifying sensitive markers for developmental abnormalities in utero and brain injuries after premature birth, allowing earlier and more targeted remedial interventions.
Research Interests

MR image acquisition and reconstruction during subject motion,
Image resolution enhancement in structural and diffusion imaging
Algorithms for automated tissue segmentation and anatomical parcellation
Biomedical shape and pattern analysis,
Graph methods for studying network connectivity and its change over time.
Spatial statistics for brain mapping

Early human brain tissue growth patterns
The development of fetal brain functional and structural connectivity
The impact of genes and the environment on early brain development
Imaging biomarkers to improve the management of pregnancies and premature birth

Research Description

My group develops and applies new computational and mathematical techniques to study and map the structure and function of the brain. In recent years we have been most active in using MRI to study human brain growth to better understand early stages of the development of the brain and how these may be influenced by factors such as premature birth. Our work ranges from basic computing and engineering to its application in neuroscience and clinical radiology. The engineering problems we are currently addressing include retrospective motion correction of fetal MRI, brain shape analysis, the construction of spatio-temporal atlases of brain growth and cortical folding, and the development of bio-markers for the clinical assessment of pregnancies and premature neonatal health.

PhD, University of London, England, 1997
Msc, Edinburgh University, Scotland, 1991
BEng, Bradford University, England, 1990
Postdoc Information

Post Doctoral Fellow/Associate, Diagnostic Radiology, Yale, USA, 1998-2000
Awards and Honors

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Selected Publications

V. Rajagopalan, J. Scott, P.A. Habas, K. Kim, F. Rousseau, A.J. Barkovich, O.A. Glenn, C. Studholme, “Mapping directionality specific volume changes using tensor based morphometry: An application to the study of gryrogenesis and lateralization of the human fetal brain,” NeuroImage, Volume 63, Issue 2, 1 November 2012, Pages 947-958.

P. A. Habas, J. A. Scott, A. Roosta, V. Rajagopalan, K. Kim, F. Rousseau, A. J. Barkovich, O. A. Glenn, and C. Studholme, “Early folding patterns and asymmetries of the normal human brain detected from in utero MRI,”, Cereb. Cortex, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 13-25, 2012.

C. Studholme, “Mapping fetal brain development in utero using MRI: the big bang of brain mapping,” Annu. Rev. Biomed. Eng., vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 345-368, August 2011.

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P. A. Habas, K. Kim, J. M. Corbett-Detig, F. Rousseau, O. A. Glenn, A. J. Barkovich, and C. Studholme, A spatiotemporal atlas of MR intensity, tissue probability and shape of the fetal brain with application to segmentation,” Neuroimage, vol. 53, no. 2, pp. 460-470, November 2010.

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C.Studholme, V. Cardenas, “A Template Free Approach to Volumetric Spatial Normalisation of Brain Anatomy”, Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol 25(10), Jul 2004, pp. 1191-1202.

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C. Studholme, T.C. Constable, J.S. Duncan, Non-Rigid Spin Echo MRI Registration Incorporating an Image Distortion Model: Application to Accurate Alignment of fMRI to Conventional MRI, IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, Vol 19, No 11. Nov 2000.

C. Studholme, D.L.G.Hill, D.J. Hawkes, An Overlap Invariant Entropy Measure of 3D Medical Image Alignment, Pattern Recognition, Vol. 32(1), Jan 1999, pp 71-86.

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