Project Description

Joint Professor of Anesthesiology and Bioengineering
Phone: (206)543-8982
Office: South Lake Union Campus, N135

UW Bioengineering faculty Rong Tian

I seek to identify and target key players in cell metabolism and mitochondrial function to engineer cells more resistance to environmental stresses.
Energy metabolism in cardiovascular diseases
Mitochondrial function and metabolic signaling
NMR spectroscopy and Imaging-guided spectroscopy
Our laboratory is interested in identifying and targeting the key regulators of cell metabolism and mitochondrial function for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. To achieve our goals we perturb the metabolic network by altering its key element using bioengineered mice and determine the metabolic and functional outcomes using multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, MRI-guided metabolic imaging and mass spectrometry. We also test the effects of metabolic intervention in a wide range of therapeutic strategies including preventive and regenerative medicine. One focus of our research is on the dual role of mitochondria as a power plant (ATP production) and a death engine (triggers of necrosis and apoptosis). We seek to identify nodal points for promoting mitochondria-based cardioprotection and stem cell differentiation. Our effort in this direction includes mitochondrial biogenesis, redox regulation and protein (de)acetylation. The second focus of our work is on substrate metabolism and metabolic signaling that involve lipids, sugar and amino acid metabolism. This line of research seeks to optimize cell metabolism in response to stresses via bioengineering approaches. We are particularly interested in the AMPK signaling cascade, a cellular energy sensor and a master regulator of cell metabolism and survival. We are searching for novel targets of AMPK in the heart utilizing gain-of-function and loss-of function approaches in both cellular and whole animal models.
MD, West China University of Medical Sciences, 1986
PhD (pharmacology), University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1992
Postdoc, Harvard Medical School, 1996
2010 Distinguished Achievement Award of the American Heart Association Basic Science Council
2008 Elected to American Society of Clinical Investigation
2003-07 Established Investigator of the American Heart Association
2004 Young Investigator Award of the American Physiological Society
1999 Scholars in Medicine at the Harvard Medical School
1998 Scientist Development Award of the American Heart Association
1995 Upjohn Award for Young Investigators (Finalist), International Society for Heart Research
1988-1991 Award from Chinese State Committee of Education for Ph.D. studies in Denmark

BIOEN 299: Introduction to Bioengineering

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