Paul Yager

Phone: (206)543-8063
Office: Foege N530J

UW Bioengineering faculty Paul Yager

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How I am inventing the future of medicine

Our lab focuses on development of a new class of low cost point-of-care diagnostic technologies utilizing microfluidics, particularly paper-based systems imaged by cell phones, with a long range goal of increasing access to healthcare in the developed an developing worlds. We are hoping to help to commercialize these technologies in the near future with partners outside of UW.
Research Interests

Nucleic acid assays
Microfluidics 2.0
Point-of-care diagnostics
Global health
Translational medicine.
Research Description

The two major projects in the lab at this time focus on the use of what we call two-dimension paper networks (2DPNs):
1) Development of paper-based immunoassays for pathogens like the influenza virus that have enhanced sensitivity
2) Development of the first instrument-free point-of-care technology for sample-to-result detection of pathogens using isothermal nucleic acid amplification.
Both projects involve collaborations with multiple organizations, including industry. Work in the lab includes physical biochemistry, immunoassay development, materials science, development of optical methods for sensitive chemical detection, nucleic acid amplification, microfabrication, cell-phone imaging, and computational fluid dynamics.

Ph.D., University of Oregon, Chemistry, 1980
AB, Princeton University, Biochemistry, 1975
Postdoc Information

1980-82 NRC Resident Research Associate, Naval Research Laboratory
Awards and Honors

1999 Selected as a member of the College of Fellows, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)
1988 Nominated by UW for Packard Fellowship
1985 Nominated for National Science Foundation Waterman Award
UW Bioengineering Courses Taught

BIOEN 573 Biosensors, Principles and Practice
BIOEN 401 Capstone Design BioE 401
BIOEN 599C and D Microfabrication for Bioengineering Applications,
BIOEN 578 Biomembranes
Selected Publications

Transport in two-dimensional paper networks, Fu, E., Ramsey S.A., Kauffman, P., Lutz, B., and Yager, P., Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 10(1): 29-35 (2011)

Enhanced sensitivity of lateral flow tests using a two-dimensional paper network format, Fu, E., Liang, T., Houghtaling, J., Ramachandran, S., Ramsey, S.A., Lutz, B. and Yager, P. Anal. Chem., 83(20): 7941-7946 (2011)

Two-dimensional paper networks: programmable fluidic disconnects for multi-step processes in shaped paper, Lutz, B. R., Trinh, P., Ball, C., Fu, E., Yager, P., Lab on a Chip, 11(24): 4272-4278 (2011)

A low cost point-of-care viscous sample preparation device for molecular diagnosis in the developing world; an example of microfluidic origami, Govindarajan, A.V., Ramachandran, S., Vigil, G.D., Yager, P. and Böhringer, K.F., Lab on a Chip, 12(1): 174-181 (2012)

Progress toward multiplexed sample-to-result detection in low resource settings using microfluidic immunoassay cards, Lafleur, L., Stevens, D., McKenzie, K., Ramachandran, S., Spicar-Mihalic, P., Singhal, M., Arjyal, A., Osborn, J., Kauffman, P., Yager, P. and Lutz, B., Lab on a Chip, 12(6): 1119-1127 (2012) DOI: 10.1039/C2LC20751F

A two-dimensional paper network format that enables simple multi-step assays for use in low-resource settings, Fu, E., Liang, T., Spicar-Mihalic, P., Houghtaling, J., Ramachandran, S. and Yager, P., Analytical Chemistry, 84(10): 4574-4579 (2012) DOI: 10.1021/ac300689s Published: May 15 2012

Multiplexed enrichment and detection of malarial biomarkers using a stimuli-responsive iron oxide and Gold Nanoparticle Reagent System, Nash, M.A., Waitumbi, J.N., Hoffman, A.S., Yager, P., and Stayton, P.S. ACS Nano, 6(8): 6776-6785 (2012)

Controlled release of dry reagents in porous media for tunable temporal and spatial distribution upon rehydration, Fridley, G.E., Le. H.Q., Fu, E., and Yager, P., Lab on a Chip, 12(21): 4321-4327 (2012)

A rapid, multiplexed, high-throughput flow-through membrane immunoassay: a convenient alternative to ELISA, Ramachandran, S., Singhal, M., Mckenzie, K., Osborn, J., Arjyal, A., Dongol, S., Baker, S., Basnyat, B., Farrar, J., Dolecek, C., Domingo, G., Yager, P., and Lutz, B., Diagnostics, 3: 244-260 (2013)

The evolution of nitrocellulose as a material for bioassays, Fridley, G.E., Holstein, C.A., Oza. S.B., and Yager, P., MRS Bulletin, 38(04): 326-330 (2013)

CO2 laser cutting and ablative etching for the fabrication of paper-based devices, Spicar-Mihalic, P., Liang, T., Yager, P. and Fu, E., Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 23: 067003 (2013)


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