Emeritus Faculty

UW Bioengineering emeritus faculty are retired from active teaching and research activities in the department, do not maintain labs, and do not accept graduate students. Emeritus faculty include:

Kirk W. Beach
David M. Foster
Michael Hlastala
Allan S. Hoffman
Thomas A. Horbett
Martin J. Kushmerick
Henry C. Lai
Roy Martin
Don Martyn
Francis Spelman
Pedro Verdugo

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Kelli Jayn Nichols, Director of Academic Services
I direct UW Bioengineering Academic Services, advise undergraduates, and answer questions from prospective Ph.D. and PHARBE students.
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Admissions Criteria and Process
Kelli Jayn Nichols, Director, Academic Services
Marta Scatena, Graduate Program Coordinator
As the Graduate Program Coordinator, I help our PhD and MS students progress through their degree programs.
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Admissions Criteria and Process
Marta Scatena, Graduate Program Coordinator
Holly Williams
I advise undergraduate students and specialize in freshmen and transfer advising.
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Admissions Criteria and Process
Holly Williams, Academic Counselor, Undergraduate Programs
Peggy Sharp
I advise current and prospective MS, PhD and PharBE students.
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Admissions Criteria and Process
Peggy Sharp, Academic Counselor, Graduate Programs
Lael Wentland, UW Bioengineering peer advisor
I am a UW Bioengineering peer advisor and provide guidance to undergraduate students. Spring 2015 Drop-in Hours: Wednesdays, 11:45 – 2:15pm, Foege N137
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Admissions Criteria and Process
Lael Wentland, Peer Advisor

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B.S. Bioengineering Information Sessions

  • Wednesday, April 8, 12:30 – 1:45 p.m., Foege N230
  • Thursday, April 30, 3:00 – 4:15 p.m., Foege N230
Academic Programs by the Numbers
    • Undergraduate enrollment: 180
    • Bachelor’s degrees awarded: 53
    • Graduate enrollment: 153
    • Master’s degrees awarded: 29
    • Doctoral degrees awarded: 16
    2014 data

Instrumentation, Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy

//Instrumentation, Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy
Mike Averkiou, UW Bioengineering faculty

Mike Averkiou

, ,

Associate Professor

Phone: (206) 616-9558
Office: Foege N530Q

James Bassingthwaighte, UW Bioengineering faculty
Karl Bohringer, UW Bioengineering faculty

Karl Böhringer

, , ,

Joint Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering

Phone: (206)221-5177
Office: EEB 253I and Fluke Hall 215


UW Bioengineering professor David Castner

David G. Castner

, , , ,

Joint Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

Phone: (206)543-8094
Office: MolES 225

Daniel Chiu, UW Bioengineering faculty

Daniel Chiu

, , ,

Joint A. Bruce Montgomery Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Bioengineering

Phone: (206)543-1655
Office: Bagley 204

UW Bioengineering faculty Lawrence Crum

Lawrence Crum

, ,

Research Professor

Phone: (206)685-8622
Office: OOB 208

UW Bioengineering faculty Albert Folch
UW Bioengineering faculty Lara Gamble

Lara Gamble

, , , ,

Research Associate Professor

Phone: (206)616-4173
Office: MolES 226

UW Bioengineering faculty Xiaohu Gao

Xiaohu Gao

, , ,

Associate Professor

Phone: (206)543-6562
Office: Foege N530M

UW Bioengineering faculty Christopher Neils

Christopher M. Neils

, ,

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (206)685-3021
Office: Foege N310E

UW Biioengineering faculty Matthew O'Donnell

Matthew O’Donnell

, ,


Phone: (206)465-2144
Office: Benjamin Hall Bldg. 514

UW Bioengineering faculty Suzie Pun

Suzie H. Pun

, , , ,

Robert F. Rushmer Professor

Phone: (206)685-3488
Office: Foege N530P


UW Bioengineering faculty Colin Studholme

Colin Studholme

, , ,

Joint Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering

Phone: (206)221-7022
Office: HSB RR439A

UW Bioengineering faculty Ruikang Wang

Ruikang (Ricky) Wang

, , ,


Phone: (206)616-5025
Office: Foege N410E

UW Bioengineering faculty Paul Wiggins

Paul Wiggins

, , ,

Joint Assistant Professor, Physics and Bioengineering

Phone: (626)437-3761
Office: Foege N410F

UW Bioengineering faculty Paul Yager
UW Bioengineering faculty Chun Yuan

Chun Yuan

, ,

Professor of Radiology and Bioengineering

Phone: (206)616-9346
Office: South Lake Union campus, 850 Republican Street, Brotman D- 124