UW Bioengineering Research


With a strong base of external funding, UW Bioengineering faculty and students conduct a mix of basic and applied research, and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations that bridge traditional boundaries between engineering, physical sciences and medicine.

Research Themes

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Developing new engineering approaches for the repair and replacement of human tissues damaged by injury, illness and aging.

Molecular and Cellular Engineering

Exploring how molecular-level interactions drive cellular behavior, and designing new molecular systems for medical applications.

Technology for Expanding Access to Heathcare

Creating cost-effective medical technologies for use in developed and developing countries.

Instrumentation, Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy

Developing tools for basic science and medicine, mainly in areas of medical imaging.

Systems, Synthetic and Quantitative Biology

Analyzing the interacting networks that give rise to an organism’s function, and using that knowledge to create new organisms to treat disease.

Research Centers

UW Bioengineering’s interdisciplinary research centers create unique communities for exploring a range of research frontiers.

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Awards and Recognition

We are proud of all our faculty, staff and students, and the many awards they earn for their work in teaching, mentoring and improving lives through bioengineering research and innovations.

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