Course Title: Bioen 491 – Controlled-Release Systems

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles, strategies, and materials used in controlled drug delivery systems.  The course will first cover the fundamentals of drug delivery, including physiology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, drug diffusion and permeation, and biomaterials used in drug delivery.  Controlled release strategies for various administration routes will then be discussed.  The course will conclude with special topics lectures from industry guest lecturers.

Instructor: Pun, Suzie H.

Prerequisites by Topics:  Organic chemistry or Biochemistry (e.g. BIOEN 315), Transport Phenomena (e.g. BIOEN 325), Cell Biology

Teaching Materials/Recommended Texts:  A course pack with lecture notes will be available at the UW Bookstore.
“Drug Delivery:  Engineering Principles for Drug Therapy”. Mark Saltzman, Oxford University Press, 2001 ISBN: 0195085892

“Drug Delivery and Targeting”.  Eds Anya M. Hillery, Andrew W. Lloyd, James Swarbrick.  Taylor and Francis, 2001.  ISBN 0415271975

Both texts are on reserve at the Engineering Library.

Assignments:  There will be three assignments during the course.  Two are to prepare you for the final design project/term paper and the third one is preparation for one of the lectures.

Examinations:  There will be two exams for the course.  The first exam will take place during lecture 9 and include materials covered in lectures 1-7.    The second exam will take place during lecture 20 and focus the remaining course content.

Design Project/Term Paper:  A final term paper is required.  Students will work in small groups to prepare a project design proposal that is generally ~10-12 pages in length.  The proposal will focus on the development of a novel controlled drug delivery system for an application specified by the instructor and will include a background section defining the current state of the art and remaining need for improvement, design criteria for an improved system, a novel delivery system designed to meet the defined needs, and assessment methods for meeting the design criteria.  In addition, effective proposals will include an economic assessment and discussion of societal impact of the proposed system.  Students will also give a 15 minute oral presentation of their paper in class with a 5 minute question/answer period.


  • Exams (n=2) – 60%
  • Assignments – 15%
  • Term Paper – 15%
  • Presentation – 10%
 Date Lecture
 Topic  Lecturer Reading
6-Jan 1 Intro to Course and Controlled Drug Delivery Pun Hillery, Ch 1 & 3
8-Jan 2 PK/PD Pun Hillery, Ch 1 & 3
13-Jan 3 Fundamentals: Diffusion Pun Saltzman, Ch 3
15-Jan 4 Diffusion in Biological Systems Pun Saltzman, Ch 4
20-Jan 5 MLK Day: No Class
22-Jan 6 Drug permeation/Drug transport Pun Saltzman, Ch 5, 6
27-Jan 7 Biomaterials Pun Saltzman
29-Jan  8 Modulating drug activity/ IP Pun Saltzman
3-Feb 9 Administration: Oral and transdermal delivery Pun
5-Feb 10 Test 1
10-Feb 11 Administration: Implantable Delivery Chan Hillery, Ch 6
12-Feb  12 Administration: Injectable Drug Delivery Pun Hillery, Ch4 &  8
17-feb 13 President’s Day: No Class
19-Feb 14 Special Topics. Calando: Nucleic acid delivery Pun Paper
24-Feb 15 Special Topics.  Immune Design: Vaccine Delivery Gomboltz Paper
26-Feb 16 Special Topics.  Seattle Genetics: Antibodies and Antibody Conjugates Senter Paper
3-Mar 17 Student Presentations Class
5-Mar 18 Student Presentations Class
10-Mar 19 Student Presentations Class
12-Mar 20 Test 2

There are no exceptions for the exam dates!  Please plan accordingly.

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