Course: BIOEN 492/592: Surface Analysis – CHEME 458/558

Credits: 3

Instructor: Buddy Ratner

Lecture Schedule (and other class details)

Apr 2               Class Ground Rules and Introduction to Surface Analysis

Apr 4               Surfaces – Why are they special?

Apr 9               Real world surfaces & energy interactions with matter (Homework #1 given out)

Apr 11            Revolution in physics; ESCA theory

Apr 16            Vacuum systems – (Homework #1 due) (Meet to divide in groups and choose samples for class project #2) (VIDEO LECTURE)

Apr 18            ESCA instrumentation (VIDEO LECTURE)

Apr 23            ESCA – spectral interpretation (Homework #2 given out) (samples for class project due)

Apr 25            ESCA quantification (maybe VIDEO lecture?)

Apr 30            more ESCA (Homework #2 due)

May 2             Ions and Surfaces (ISS, RBS, Dynamic SIMS, Static SIMS

May 7             Visit ESCA lab (MolES Bldg level 1) & class project on surface modification (Benson Hall rm 309)

May 9             Contact angles (Prof. Allan Hoffman) (Midterm exam given out)

May 14           Roughness/Texture/Depth profiling

May 16           SIMS (Midterm exam due)

May 21           Vibrational/optical spectroscopies (IR, SERS, IETS, EELS, SFG)

May 23           Auger Spectroscopy & LEED

May 28           NEXAFS and synchrotron methods (Prof. Lara Gamble)

May 30           Student presentations on samples (Term paper due)

Jun 4             Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM),

and other proximal probe methods

Jun 6              The great controversies (+ Final exam)


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