Course: BIOEN 498/599: Advanced Drug Delivery

Credits: 3

Instructor: Suzie H. Pun

Texts and Supplemental Materials: Relevant articles will be sent to the class prior to lectures.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the current state of the art for advanced drug delivery with a particular focus on biologic drugs (proteins, peptides and nucleic acids). The course will first cover the major families of biologic drugs, major challenges associated with their delivery and specific disease applications for these drugs. The class format will be lectures and also critiques of recent literature.

Course Information: Mondays and Wednesdays 11 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

Prerequisites by Topic: Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology, Drug Delivery

Teaching Materials/Recommended Texts: Relevant articles will be sent to the class prior to lectures.

Evaluation: Grades will be determined based on class participation (20%), literature summaries (20%), and literature critiques/short lectures (60%) given by the students. There will be no final exam for this course.

Course Schedule:

 Lecture Date Topic Lecturer
 1  Apr 1 Biologics: Proteins Pun
 2  Apr 3 Biologics: Proteins (II) Paul Elias
 3  Apr 8 Biologics: Peptides Pun
 4  Apr 10 Biologics: Cells Eirini Papapetrou,UW Hematology
 5  Apr 15 Biologics: Nucleic Acids Pun
 6  Apr 17 Intracellular Delivery and Trafficking Lecture;
Sample Literature Critical on Oral Biologic Delivery
 7  Apr 22 Protein Engineering Jordan Jarjour, Pregenen
 8  Apr 24 Peptide Delivery Gerry Castillo, PharmIN
 9  Apr 29 Literature Critique: Protein Delivery Nic Stender/Nic Neal (Sockolosky et al); Jungsoo park (Choi et al)
 10  May 1 Literature Critique: Protein Delivery  Janathan Tsui (Yan et al); Stephanie Berger (Kaczmarczyk et al)
 11  May 6 Literature Critique: Protein Delivery Jasmin Chen (Agemy et al); Tinny Liang/Gabby Patilea/Stephanie Chu (Lui; Nat Nano)
 12  May 8 Literature Critique: Nucleic Acid Delivery Kaytlyn Beres (Lueschneret et al); Reena Mahadevan (Alvarez-Erviti)
 13  May 13 Literature Critique: Nucleic Acid Delivery Andy Sinclair (Lee et al); Chayanon Ngambenjawong (Sun et al)
 14  May 15 Literature Critique: Non-invasive Delivery Yimin Wang (Sonaje et al); Anna Blakney (Lee et al)
 15  May 20 Literature Critique: Non-invasive Delivery Xiaoyu Liang (Zheng); Peter Kim (Hsu & Mitragotri)
 16  May 22 Literature Critique: CNS Applications Yina An (Ding); Hanna Ken (Atwal)
 17  May 27 Literature Critique: CNS Applications Students
 18  May 29 No Class
 19  Jun 3 Literature Critique: Tumor Delivery Robbyn Perdue (Beyer et al); Meredith Roberts (Chauhan)
 20  Jun 5 No Class


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