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Joyce Cooper
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D.  Duke University  1996

Research Interests:
The development and enhancement  of Design for Environment (DFE) methodologies and models,  as related to (1) innovative, sustainable, and concurrent  technology development, design, and dissemination; (2)  life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental performance  measurement; (3) Industrial Ecology.

Selected Publications:
Smith, J.K., J.J. Peirce, "Life Cycle Assessment Standards: Industrial Sectors and Environmental Performance," The International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment, 1, 115-118 (1996)

 Fava, J., J. Smith, "Integrating Financial and Environmental Information for Better Decision Making," Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2, 9-11 (1998)

 Cooper, J.S., J. Fava, "Teaching Life Cycle Assessment in Universities in North America," Journal of Industrial Ecology, 3, 13-17 (2000)

 Cooper, J.S., J. Fava, "Teaching Life-Cycle Assessment at Universities in North America, II: Building Capacity," Journal of Industrial Ecology, 4, 11-15 (2001)


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