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Kristiina Vogt
Professor of Forest Resources

B.S. Biology - University of Texas, El Paso, Texas   1971
M.S. Biology (Microbial Ecology) - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM   1974
Ph.D. Biology (Microbial Ecology) - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM  1976
MA Honorary Master of Art degree. Yale University  1996


Research Interests:
Ecosystem management, linking social and natural science, reserves, conservation.


Selected Publications:
Vogt K.A., J.M. Honea, D.J. Vogt, R.L. Edmonds, T. Patel-Weynand, R.
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Suntana A.S., Turnblom E.C. and K.A. Vogt. 2008. Variability in the
Indonesian National Forest Data: Aboveground Forest Biomass for Renewable Energy. Journal of Tropical Forest Science (in press)

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Kulmatiski A., K.A. Vogt, D.J. Vogt, P.M. Wargo, J.P. Tilley, T.G. Siccama, R. Sigurdardottir, D. Ludwig. 2007. Northeastern US forest response to cation remediation. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 37: 1574-1585.

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