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Daniel T. Schwartz
Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering
Boeing-Sutter Professor of Chemical Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

B.S., University of Minnesota, 1983.
M.S., University of California (Davis), 1985.
Ph.D., University of California (Davis), 1989.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1991.

Research Interests
The electrochemical materials and interfaces laboratory uses a foundation in electrochemistry and chemical engineering to tackle problems in the synthesis of functional materials, nano/microfabrication, and energy technologies.

Selected Publications
J.R. Wilson, D.T. Schwartz, and S.B. Adler, Nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes, Electrochim Acta 51, 1389-1402 (2006).

B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Characterizing Homogeneous Chemistry Using Well-Mixed Microeddies, Anal. Chem. 78 1606-12 (2006).

D.T. Schwartz, Electrodeposition and Nanobiosystems, Interface Mag. 15(1), 34-35 (2006).

S.B. Adler and D.T. Schwartz, Education: Electrochemical and solid state science and technology, Interface Mag 15(3), 19 (2006).

B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Hydrodynamic Tweezers: 1. Non-contact cell trapping in a laminar oscillating flow, Anal. Chem. 78 5429-5435 (2006).

X.G. Hao, Q.M. Yu, S.Y. Jiang, and D.T. Schwartz, Molecular dynamics simulation of ion selectivity traits of nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 16 897-902 (2006).

D.B. Allred, M. Zin, H. Ma, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx A.K-y. Jen, and D.T. Schwartz, Direct nanofabrication and TEM characterization on a suite of utrathin film substrates, Thin Sol. Films 515 5341–5347 (2007).

A. Presenda, D.B. Allred F. Baneyx, D.T. Schwartz, M. Sarikaya, Stability of s-layer proteins for electrochemical nanofabrication, Coll Surf B 57 256-261(2007).

J.B. Nelson, Z. Wisecarver, and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical Printing: Mass transfer effects, J. Micromech. Microeng. 17, 1192-1199 (2007).

M.S. Hassenbank, E. Fu, J.B. Nelson, D.T. Schwartz, and P. Yager, Investigations of heterogeneous electrochemical processes using multi-stream laminar flow in a microchannel, Lab Chip 7 441-447 (2007).

F. Baneyx and D.T. Schwartz, Selection and analysis of solid binding peptides, Curr. Opin. Biotech. 18 312-317 (2007).

J.B. Nelson and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical factors controlling the patterning of metals on SAM-coated substrates, Langmuir 23 9661-9666 (2007).

D. B. Allred, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D. T. Schwartz, Bacterial Surface-Layer Proteins for Electrochemical Nanofabrication, Electrochimica Acta, 53, 193 - 199 (2007).

J.D. Fairweather, P. Cheung, J. St.-Pierre, and D.T. Schwartz, A microfluidic approach for measuring capillary pressure in PEMFC gas diffusion layers, Electrochem. Comm.  9, 2340-2345 (2007).

W.-S. Choe, M.S.R. Sastry, C.K. Thai, H.X. Dai, D.T. Schwartz, and F. Baneyx, Conformational Control of             Inorganic Adhesion in a Designer Protein Engineered for Cuprous Oxide Binding, Langmuir 23, 11347-50 (2007).


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