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SLS Annual Meeting, Endo Expo 2009
Boston, MA
September 9, 2009

Future of Surgery and the Future of Surgeons {MS PowerPoint, 28 MB}

Innovation Forum
September, 2009

Innovation and Advanced Technologies for the Future of Healthcare {MS PowerPoint, 39MB}

Innovation Forum
September, 2009

The Innovative and Entreprenurial Culture - Examples in Healthcare {MS PowerPoint,14MB}

AB Medical
June, 2009

Architecture and Evolution of the Hospital of the Future {MS PowerPoint, 46MB}

BFI Forum
Providence, RI
October, 2008

Failure is the Pathway to Success {MS PowerPoint, 18MB}

National Forum on the Future of the Defense Health Information System
ASD(HA) and Georgetown University
Arlington, VA, March 26, 2008

Total Body Scanning and the Longitudinal Health Record {MS PowerPoint, 14 MB}

Biomedical Engineering Students Society
Monterrey, Mexico, March 7, 2008

The Future of Technology in Medicine {MS PowerPoint, 14 MB}

AIA Seattle / AHP Healthcare Design Conference
Seattle, WA, February 14, 2008:

The Future of Healthcare and the Impact upon Architecture  {MS PowerPoint, 12 MB}

Corpus Christi, TX, Oct. 15th-18th, 2007:

Plasma: Foundation for a revolution in healthcare, {MS PowerPoint, 3 MB}

The Mayo Clinic, Honolulu, HI, February 10-11, 2007:

- Surgery of the Future: What’s After Laparoscopic Surgery, Mayo Surgical Symposium  {MS PowerPoint, 3 MB}
- Robotic Surgery: The Science for Today and Tomorrow  {MS PowerPoint, 4 MB}

Telepresence World 2007 presentation, University of San Diego {MS PowerPoint presentation, 4 MB}

Trauma Pod Full Demo {mpeg video, 15 MB}

Trans-Gastric Appendectomy {mpeg video, 43 MB}

How the Future of Surgery is Changing: Robotics, telesurgery, surgical simulators and other advanced technologies {article, Adobe PDF, June 2006}

How the future of surgery is changing: Robotics, telesurgery, surgical simulators and other advanced technologies (MS PowerPoint presentation, Sept., 2006}

August, 2006
Telepresence Surgery — the Future of Minimally Invasive Procedures (Original DARPA version, 1992)
  -  Windows Media video {11 MB}
  -  Quicktime video {13 MB}

May, 2006
Trauma Pod Feasibility Demonstration {mpeg video, 68 MB}

Storz Lecture in Innovative Technology, SAGES 2006
Dallas, TX, April 29, 2006
Surgeon Responsibility in the Age of “Outrageous” Science {MS PowerPoint, 8 MB}

8th Annual Biomedical Engineering Lecture
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
April 4, 2006
Biomedical Engineering, Advanced Technology and the Future of Medicine {MS PowerPoint, 73 MB}

University of Maryland, Baltimore, February 1, 2006
Impact of Advanced Technologies on the Future of Medicine {MS PowerPoint, 10 MB}

University of Minnesota, November 28, 2005
The future of surgery and the paradigm change in surgical simulation {MS PowerPoint, 10 MB}

The operating room of the future
.avi video 17 MB
Quicktime video  10 MB

Robotic trauma pod animation
.avi video 4 MB

Facial animatronics, author David Hanson
.wmv video 2 MB

Robotic supernormal performance demo
Mpeg video 14 MB

supernormal performance clip from movie "Aliens"
Mpeg video 9 MB

Cyberkinetics demo
.wmv video 23 MB

Miami, January, 2005
The Future of Surgery Simulation, IMMS {MS PowerPoint, 18 MB}

University of Tokyo, December 10th, 2004
The future of healthcare  {MS PowerPoint, 10 MB}
The future of healthcare  {MS Word, 50k}

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Idea City '04, Toronto, June 17, 2004
Science, Ethics, and the Future 11.3 MB

12th International Congress, European Assoc. for Endoscopic Surgery, Barcelona, June 11, 2004
The Nature of Errors 440k

Advanced Initiatives in Medical Simulation, Washington, DC, May 10, 2004
Challenges Facing Simulation: How a National Agenda Would Solve the Problem 1.5 MB

College of Anaesthetists, RCSI, Dublin, May, 2004
The BioIntelligence Age: Healthcare after the Information Age 15.4 MB

May, 2004
Combat Medical Support Enters the Information Age 2.3 MB

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, MMVR 12, Newport Beach, CA, January 15-16, 2004
The Operating Room of the Future 2.6 MB
From Validation to Implementation: How Do We Proceed? 224k

Harvard University, October 29, 2003
The Future of Health Care  43 MB

Society of Medical Innovation and Technology, Amsterdam, August 28, 2003
Simulators for Training: Assessment, Validation and Acceptance Strategies 1.6 MB

ATACCC, St. Petersburg, Florida, August 17, 2003
VMAS: The Five Fundamental Conferences  230k

Urological Society of Australasia, March 3, 2003
The BioIntelligence Age: Healthcare after the Information Age 27.4 MB

SurgSim-MMVR-January, 2003
LapSim Presentation - Surgical Science 246k
Immersion Med  3 MB
ICSAD: Imperial College Surgical Assessment Device  2.5 MB
LTS2000 with ISM50 Interactive Sensing Module 2.3 MB
Simbionix: Computer-Assisted Endoscopy 1.2 MB
SimPL DPL Simulator 3.8 MB
Vascular Intervention Simulator Training 2.2 MB
Human Patient Simulator 12.8 MB
The Xitact Platform 8.4 MB
Objective Structured Assessment for Technical Skills (OSATS) 94k
The Blue Dragon Surgical Assessment Robotic System:
   -  Etymology of Endoscopic Suturing 2.6 MB
   -  In-Vivo and In-Situ Compressive Properties 1.5 MB


Advanced technology and the future of science (images)  [MS PowerPoint, 36 MB]
The biointelligence age: Science after the information age  [MS PowerPoint, 23 MB]
The biointelligence age: Science after the information age - extras  [MS PowerPoint, 16 MB]
Operating room of the future  [MS PowerPoint, 3.4 MB]
Robotics  [MS PowerPoint, 14 MB]
Virtual Reality  [MS PowerPoint, 13 MB]
Surgical Simulators  [MS PowerPoint, 7 MB]
Military research  [MS PowerPoint, 11.5 MB]