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University of Washington
for more information contact Dorian Varga, Senior Academic Counselor, Department of Bioengineering

A four-course program developed by UW Radiology and Bioengineering is now being offered for students interested in a career in the state-of-the-art biomedical imaging techniques.

This program introduces core concepts of biomedical imaging, which is a multidisciplinary field where physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and medicine converge. In-depth training on the fundamentals of image science is emphasized for all biomedical imaging students.

Coursework combines principles of engineering and molecular and cellular biology with essential elements from physiology, anatomy, physics, computer science, and mathematics to provide a rigorous background for career development in industrial and academic environments.


The objective of the program is to present fundamental concepts of biomedical imaging systems with enough detail to allow students to pursue graduate-level research in all major imaging modalities.

Common Themes:
      • The signal: What are we seeing and where does the noise come from?
      • The imaging equation: What is the mathematical description of the raw data acquisition?
      • The inverse problem: How do we form an image from the raw data?
      • Contrast agents
      • Signal to noise ratio and image quality
      • Cost versus usefulness versus safety
      • Clinical versus research applications
      • Diagnosis versus therapy
The course structure has the following sequential components that are presented on a rotating 2-year cycle.

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Course Sequence
BIOEN 599: X-ray and Nuclear Bio-Imaging
BIOEN 599: Optical Bio-Imaging
BIOEN 599: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BIOEN 599: Ultrasound
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