Jenekhe's Group


Group Members

A. Organic Synthesis

  • Access to FT-IR, H NMR, C NMR, GGC/MS
  • Fume-hoods
  • Oil-baths, stirrers, ect.

B. Polymer Processing and Characterization

  • Cannon Ubbelohde Capillary viscometers with constant temperature baths
  • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 273A potentiostat / galvanostat with Model 270 electrochemical analysis system for Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) studies
  • NEY Vacuum Furnace Model SunFire 10PLUS for annealing polymer thin films
  • Olympus Model BHS System Microscope with transmission and reflection modes
  • Perkin - Elmer Model Lambda 9UV/vis/near- IR (109 nm - 3200 nm)spectrophotometer
  • Solitec Model 5100 Single Head Spinner for spin coating polymer films
  • Spex Fluorolog-2 Spectrofluorimeter for photoluminescence (PL) studies on polymer films and solutions and for electroluminescence (EL) studies of OLEDs

C. Device Characterizations (OLEDs, Solar Cells, TFTs)

  • Alessi CPS-06 Contact Probe Station with four point probe head for conductivity studies of conducting polymer films
  • Graseby Optronics S370 Optometer Model 211 Luminance sensor head for brightness measurements of OLEDs
  • HP4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer for current-voltage characteristics, ect.
  • Keithley Programmable Current source (Model 220) and Programmable Electrometer (Model 617)


Francois Baneyx
John Evans
Alex Jen
Samson A. Jenekhe
Fumio Ohuchi
Mehmet Sarikaya
Daniel Schwartz
Beth Traxler