Schwartz's Group


Group Members

A. Electrochemistry

  • PAR 273A Potentiostats (2)
  • PAR 263 Potentiostats (2)
  • PAR 173 Potentiostat
  • PAR 363 Potentiostat
  • Pine RDE5 Bipotentiostats (3)
  • Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance (Elchema)
  • Assorted lock-in amplifiers, precision voltmeters, etc.
  • Assorted electrode assemblies and sample prep facilities

B. Raman, Luminescence, and UV-Vis Spectroscopy

  • 0.5 W near-IR tunable diode laser system (SDL Inc.)
  • 5 watt Argon Ion (Coherent)
  • 2 watt Krypton Ion (Coherent)
  • 1/4 meter Imaging Spectrograph (SPEX Industries model 270M)
  • 1/8 meter Monochromator (J/Y)
  • Cryogenic CCD array detector (Princeton Instruments)
  • Optical table and pneumatic supports (Newport)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Cecil Instruments)
  • Holographic Notch Filters (Kaiser Optical)
  • Assorted optical mounting, focussing, and positioning elements

C. Microfabrication

  • Uniform injection cell on 3-axis computer numeric controlled positioner
  • Multi-pixel electrodeposition print head and controller on custom 3-D freeform fabricator
  • User of Washington Technology Center clean room facility


Francois Baneyx
John Evans
Alex Jen
Samson A. Jenekhe
Fumio Ohuchi
Mehmet Sarikaya
Daniel Schwartz
Beth Traxler