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The Department of Biological Structure is a modern anatomy department that studies structural organization ranging from molecules to the human body.


Dr. Tom Reh is awarded a new grant
Grant Award

Tom Reh has been awarded a grant from the Harrington Discovery Institute entitled “Reprogramming rods to cones to prevent degeneration”.  The goal of the project is to create an orally bioavailable drug for the treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). RP is a retinal degenerative disease that is often caused by mutations in rod-specific genes, like Rhodopsin.

Dr. Rachel Wong is awarded a new grant
Grant Award

Rachel Wong, PhD., has been awarded a competitive renewal to her grant “Circuit Assembly in Vertebrate Retina”.  The primary goal of the project is to advance basic understanding of the cellular mechanisms that regulate the formation and maintenance of synaptic connections in the mammalian retina.”

Dr. Wenqing Xu has received a new NIH grant
Grant Award

Dr. Wenqing Xu received a new NIH grant entitled: "Structural Analysis of Cancerous Inhibitor of PP2A (CIP2A)". The project aims to determine the three-dimensional structure of CIP2A, which is essential for understanding CIP2A function and how to develop CIP2A inhibitors for cancer treatment.CIP2A inhibits tumor suppressor activity of PP2A in human malignancies and is one of the most frequently overexpressed oncoproteins.