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The Department of Biological Structure studies the structure and function of molecules, cells and networks with an emphasis on the nervous system.


Andrea McQuate (Senior Fellow/Raible Lab) has been awarded an NRSA
Grant Award

Andrea McQuate (Senior Fellow – David Raible Lab) has been awarded an NRSA entitled “Regulation of mitochondrial networks in hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line”.  This project aims to provide new insights into what hair cells in the inner ear require to maintain their efficacy, and how changes in subcellular structures could result in hearing impairment or loss.


Dr Ajay Dhaka has been awarded a new NIH/R21 grant
Grant Award

A new NIH/R21 grant has been awarded to Ajay Dhaka entitled "A High Throughput Targeted Genetic Screen for Modulators of Nociception"  The aims of the grant are to study how painful or noxious stimuli are perceived and coded by the nervous system, using a zebrafish based CRISPR mediated genome editing strategy to visually and behaviorally probe the function of nociceptor enriched genes. 

Dr Tom Reh has been awarded an NIH competitive renewal grant
Grant Award

An NIH competitive renewal has been awarded to Tom Reh entitled “Stimulation of Retinal Regeneration”.  The project aims to better understand, and potentially overcome, the barriers to regeneration in the mammalian retina.