Vision Training Grant

This website will host information for the future Vision Training Grant.

Vision-related journal clubs:

  • Cortical Neurophysiology Journal Club - discusses primary research papers in the field of visual neuroscience at the cellular and network levels; organized by preceptors Pasupathy, Horwitz and Bair.
  • Oculomotor Journal Club - discusses issues related to oculomotor neurophysiology, behaviors and clinical cases; organized by preceptors Soetedjo, Robinson and Mustari.
  • Cognition and Perception Journal Club - examines topics on the intersection between vision and cognition; organized by the laboratories of preceptors Fine, Boynton and Murray.
  • Psychology Vision Journal Club - discusses current psychophysical literature on visual perception; organized by the laboratories of preceptors Fine, Murray and Boynton.

Vision-related seminars:

Alternative career information: