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Four day old Zebrafish



The Department of Biological Structure studies the structure and function of molecules, cells and networks with an emphasis on the nervous system.


Department of Biological Structure retreat at the Talaris conference center on September 18, 2019

Thank you to Dr Kimberley A McAllister for being our keynote speaker and also to Jim Brinkley’s band for providing the entertainment that night.   Also to all for making this event such a success!  Click here to see sample of the band's performance



Dr Nick Steinmetz has received a Whitehall Foundation Award titled “Quantitative laws of distributed brain activity and visual behavior”.
Grant Award

This award will support the lab’s research efforts to combine optogenetic manipulations with large scale electrophysiology using Neuropixels probes to test hypotheses about the neural mechanisms of vision and cognition in neocortical and midbrain circuits. This work promises to yield new insight into the nature of visually-guided behavior in mammals and more generally into the quantitative laws that govern the interactions between brain regions.

Dr Brent Wilkerson has been awarded a new NIH grant called “Cochlear Vasculature and Its Role in Strial Atrophy”.
Grant Award

The aim of the proposed research is to model a degenerative process associated with hearing loss known as strial atrophy and to evaluate the role of vascular dysfunction in the progression of this process. The approach compares hearing function, strial volume and vascular structure and function in a mouse model of hearing loss and tests whether augmenting vascular function protects mice against hearing loss.