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Four day old Zebrafish



The Department of Biological Structure is a modern anatomy department that studies structural organization ranging from molecules to the human body.


Dr John Clark received a 2017 Distinguished Service Award from ARVO

Dr. John Clark received the 2017 Distinguished Service Award in appreciation and recognition for dedicated service to the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) in Baltimore, MD.

Hot off the press!!

Congratulations to Molecular Medicine and Mechanisms of Disease student Nik Jorstad, Molecular and Cellular Biology students, Matt Wilken, Leah VandenBosch, and postdoctoral fellow, Stefanie Wohl in Tom Reh's lab, their collaborators, Takeshi Yoshimatsu (Acting Instructor) in Rachel Wong's lab, and Will Grimes (Acting Instructor) in Fred Rieke's lab (PBIO) on their article published in Nature today (7/26/2017)! They showed for the first time that functional neurons can be regenerated in the adult mouse retina.  Click here to read it.

Dr. David Raible is awarded a new grant
Grant Award

David Raible was awarded a new grant from the Hearing Health Foundation entitled “Validating genetic regulatory mechanisms for hair cell regeneration using zebrafish”. The project will use zebrafish to test potential genetic regulatory pathways identified by HRP projects analyzing hair cell regeneration in chick and in neonatal mouse. The zebrafish allows functional analysis at a higher throughput than other systems. There is hope that identifying conserved pathways will reveal an underlying robustness that might give a greater chance of success when moved to humans.