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Four day old Zebrafish



The Department of Biological Structure studies the structure and function of molecules, cells and networks with an emphasis on the nervous system.


New article featured in the UW Newsroom by Dean Pospisil in the Bair Lab

This paper recently published in the journal eLife  (https://elifesciences.org/articles/38242#abstract)  and co-authored by Drs Anitha Pasupathy and Wyeth Bair shows that there are many single units within artificial deep neural networks for visual object recognition that end up behaving like single neurons in mid-level visual cortex, particularly with respect to how they respond to the curved boundaries of objects.  This opens the possibility that deep nets may provide an important tool for understanding sensory processing in the brain.  This paper was highlighted in the UW newsroom.  Click here to see that article.

Clare Gamlin from the Wong lab defended her thesis

Clare Gamlin from the Wong Lab and graduate student of the Neuroscience Program defended her thesis "Development and regulation of synaptic divergence in the mammalian retina" successfully in January. We wish her all the best and thank her for all her contributions to the department !

Dr. Levi Todd has received a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship

Dr. Levi Todd has received a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship effective 4/1/19.  His project focuses on improving retinal regeneration through modulating the retinal immune system.  Dr. Todd is a Senior Fellow in the lab of Dr. Tom Reh.