Biochemistry Online Courses

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BIOC 405C - Introduction to Biochemistry

In this course you’ll learn the basic principles of biochemistry, with an emphasis on the chemical events occurring in living systems in terms of metabolism and structure-function relationships of biological molecules. We’ll cover thermodynamics, amino acid and protein structure-function, enzyme kinetics and mechanism, structure and biological roles of lipids and carbohydrates, glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, citric acid cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, and pentose phosphate pathway. You’ll gain the foundational knowledge required to understand diseases such as diabetes and sickle cell anemia.

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BIOC 406C - Introduction to Biochemistry

This course, which builds on the content of BIOC 405, focuses on the synthesis, degradation and transfer of major biomolecules, and how metabolic pathways are integrated at the molecular, cellular and physiological levels. We’ll explore the central dogma of biology thoroughly at the mechanical level, especially as applied to multicellular animals.

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