Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register?
A: Go to: for details.
You register by using the MyUW system. Simply go to the MyUW website and follow the instructions for logging on. Once you are in the MyUW site, choose the "Student Info" tab, then choose "Registration" under the "Student Personal Services" heading, and follow the instructions for online registration. You don't need to worry about this now, you will register during orientation.

Q: How do I set up a MyUW account / email account at the UW?
A: Go to: for details.
To establish a MyUW account and sign up for email at the UW go to the UW NetID website and follow the step by step directions for setting up a new account. In order to create this account, you will need the PAC (Private Access Code) which was sent to you by the Registrar. If you lost your PAC, call 206-543-8580. You will need to know your student # when you call. You can create your account from any computer with access to the internet. Once in MyUW you can link to UW IT Connect which will give you information on what you can do with a UW email account.

Q: How do I find out about important dates like the last day to add or drop a class, last day to pay registration fees without a late penalty, etc.?
A: Go to: MyUW for details. You can access the Academic Calendar with all deadlines dates on the MyUW site.

Q: How do I obtain a University ID card?
A: Go to the Student ID center located ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library [map] between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You will need to bring a piece of photo ID (mandatory) to obtain the ID card. A quarterly validation sticker is mailed to you with your Registration Confirmation. Attach it to your ID card in the appropriate slot. Registration Confirmations are only mailed in-state, so if you have an out-of-state mailing address registered in myUW when they are mailed, ask for it at the ID Center.

Q: What is the U-Pass and where do I get one?
A: Go to: for details.
The U-Pass is a bus pass valid on all regular Metro and Community Transit routes at all times and through all zones. Attach the U-Pass sticker to the back of your student ID card where indicated.
The quarterly fee will be included on your tuition statement. If you do not wish to participate in the U-Pass program, you must return the U-Pass sticker to the University by the tuition payment deadline (see MyUW). The sticker can be returned by mail in the return envelope provided, or mailed with your tuition payment, or returned in person at the Student Accounts and Cashiers office.

Q: How many credits should I register for?
A: You must be registered as a full time graduate student: 10 credits during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring) and 2 credits during the Summer.
What happens if you sign up for less? Your payroll appointment, health insurance, and your tuition payment are cancelled so be sure that you sign up for the full-time student load.

Q: Do I sign up for the student insurance offered through MyUW when I register?
A: NO! The Biochemistry Graduate Program provides medical, dental and vision coverage paid by the program which is more comprehensive than the student insurance that students can purchase. If you sign up for this, you will be billed for the cost. If you elect to cover any dependants on your Graduate Insurance (children or spouse), you will have to pay the additional cost for the dependant coverage. Details of insurance coverage.

Q: When do my insurance benefits begin?
A: Insurance benefits start October 1st.

Q: Why did I receive a statement from Student Accounts showing I owe over $4,000?
A: This happens due to: (1) the statements are often printed weeks before they are mailed and your current balance may be different, and (2) until your payroll forms are processed, there is no way for Student Accounts to know that you are going to be covered by the Program. Once your payroll forms are processed (this can take a couple of weeks due to the volume of new students in the fall), the computer system will automatically reduce your statement by the tuition owed and show that it has been paid by the Program. You can logon to the MyUW site and check your balance (one of the options available) at any time.
You are responsible for paying the student services and activities fees portion of your bill and any other optional services you elect to purchase (e.g., U-Pass). If you don't pay this by the payment deadline, you will be charged a late fee of $50 for balances up to $249.99; then $120 for balances over $250.

Q: What happened to the $100 enrollment deposit I paid to the University?
A: It was deposited into your student account and will be applied to any amount you owe on your first statement for activities fee and U-Pass.

Q: What is covered by the Services and Activities Fee?
A: Go to: for details
This fee is to support a variety of student services including ASUW (Associated Students of the University of Washington) and GPSS (Graduate and Professional Student Services), The Daily (campus newspaper), Hall Health Center, IMA (Recreational Sports programs and facilities available to students including an indoor swimming pool, racquetball and basketball courts, weight rooms and a variety of other rooms for various sports activities), Student Legal Services, Student Parent Resource Cener, and Ethnic Culture Center/Theater. You don't have to pay to use these facilities; it's covered by your student fees so just show your ID card.

Q: What is the technology fee and do I have to pay it?
A: Go to: for details.
This fee is to recover, in part, the cost of providing and maintaining services to student that include, but is not limited to the following: access to the internet and World Wide Web, e-mail, computer and multimedia work stations and laboratories, computer software, and dial-up telephone services. This fee was voted on and approved by both the undergraduate and Graduate Student Senate. The fee will be paid by the University. It may show up on your statement but a credit will appear when your payroll appointment forms are processed.

Q: When do I receive my first paycheck?
A: Your first paycheck will be available on October 10th.

Q: How often do I get paid?
A:You will be paid twice a month as follows:

Pay Period Pay Day
1st-15th of the month 25th of the month
16th-end of the month 10th of the month

Q: Where is a good place to open a bank account?
A: There are several banks close to the University:

  • Bank of America (University Ave NE & 47th [map] and at University Village [map])
  • KeyBank (Brooklyn Ave NE & 45th [map] and at University Village [map])
  • Chase Bank (Brooklyn Ave NE & 43rd [map] and across from University Village [map])
  • Wells Fargo Bank (University Ave NE & 41st [map] or University Ave NE & 45th [map])
  • There is a US Bank located in the HUB (Husky Union Building) on campus.
  • As an employee of the University Washington, you are eligible to open an account with the WSECU, (Washington State Employees Credit Union) located at 1100 NE 45th St., Suite 110 [map]. They have drive-thru banking across the street from their office at 1000 NE 45th St [map].

Most of these are convenient to the University of Washington campus so you might want to shop around for the ones that charge the lesser fees (ask about the ATM charges at non-branches which can be very expensive).

Q: When can I use the University's library?
A: You can use the libraries (there are several) at any time but in order to check out any materials, you will need your University ID card.

Q: How can I commute to campus?
A: Driving is the least convenient way to commute to campus because of traffic congestion and the expense. Public transportation is very convenient with hundreds of buses running through campus each day and you can use the U-Pass. Biking is popular around campus because the Burke-Gilman trail runs through campus.
Parking information can be found at:

Q: How do I get from the University to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center?
A: Go to: for details.
A free shuttle runs from the University of Washington to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center every 20 minutes on the south side of the D-Wing of the Health Sciences Building across from the South Campus Center. A shuttle schedule is enclosed in your orientation packet. Depending on where you do your rotations and where you live, it may be more convenient to use public transportation with your U-Pass.

Q: When do I need to get to Seattle?
A: Orientation will begin a week and a half before Autum Quarter classes start. See the Academic Calendar to determine when that is. In general, you should plan to be here by mid-September.

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