Biochemistry Department
David Baker Protein Folding
Tamir Gonen Cryo EM of membrane proteins and macromolecular machines
Wim Hol Xray Crystallography, Structure-Based Drug Design
Rachel Klevit Protein NMR
Ethan Merritt Protein Crystallograhy, Structural Genomics
Bill Parson Protein Molecular Dynamics, Photosynthesis
Christophe Verlinde Structure-Based Drug Design
James Bryers Bacterial Biofilms, Engineering Immune System
Valerie Daggett Protein Dynamics/Folding
Michael Regnier Biophysical Models of Muscles
Pat Stayton Protein Engineering
Wendy Thomas Mechanics of Biological Adhesion
Biological Structure
John Clark Structure of Human Lens
Erkang Fan Combinatorial Chemistry
Ron Stenkamp Protein Crystallography
Liguo Wang Membrane Proteins
Wenqing Xu Protein Crystallography
Chemistry Department
Niels Andersen Protein Folding
Matt Bush Mass Spectrometry of Intact Protein Complexes
Champak Chatterjee Synthetic Protein Chemistry, Chemical Biology
Mike Gelb Structure-Based Drug Discovery, Medicinal Enzymology
Dustin Maly The Chemical Biology of Signal Transduction
Gabriele Varani RNA-Protein Recognition, RNA-Targeted Drug Design
Institute for Systems Biology
John Aitchison High-Throughput Computational Biology, Cellular Architecture
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Phil Bradley Prediction of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction Specificity
Steven Hahn Mechanism and Regulation of Eukaryotic Transcription
Julian Simon Drug Discovery
Barry Stoddard Protein Crystallography
Roland Strong Protein Crystallography
Medicinal Chemistry
Carlos Catalano Virus Assembly Mechanisms
Kelly Lee Biophysical and Cryo-EM studies of Viral Machines
Pharmacology Department
Ning Zheng Protein Complex Crystallography, Ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis
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