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The Biomolecular Structure & Design (BMSD) Program at the University of Washington is an interdisciplinary graduate training program. The primary focus of members of the program involves the use and determination of atomic-level structures of biologically important molecules, with aims that include understanding the relationship between structure and function, predicting three-dimensional structures of biomolecules, and designing new molecules. The area of research encompassed by Biomolecular Structure & Design is inherently interdisciplinary in nature: techniques used in this area are derived from chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology. Faculty in the program are members of the departments of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biological Structure, Chemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry at UW, or members of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Institute for Systems Biology. Similarly, students in the program may come from a broad range of backgrounds, including chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology. The program is designed to facilitate cross-training among disciplines with the aim of preparing young scientists to enter this exciting and growing field of research. It is also the primary biophysics program at the University of Washington (see also the Physiology and Biophysics Department) and is linked with the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant, which is currently administered by the Biochemistry Department.

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Through the BMSD Program, we believe the University of Washington offers an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary graduate training in the exciting and newly developing fields of structure determination and prediction, ligand and drug design, protein design and engineering, etc. In addition, our laboratory rotation course the first year will give an in-depth exposure to the research opportunities in three laboratories, thus providing a rational basis upon which to select an area of specialization and a thesis advisor.

The BMSD Program offers a stipend of $27,348 for the 12-month 2010-2011 academic year, plus a complete tuition waiver and medical insurance plan. The latter includes dental and vision coverage as well as the usual medical coverage. All students are required to pay an approximate $800/year "Activities Fee," which is used to fund various university-wide student activities (e.g. concerts, lectures, use of the Intramural Athletic facilities, and computer labs).

Full support is guaranteed by BMSD during the first year in the program. We have every expectation that continuous stipend and research support will be available throughout the student's entire tenure in the program. There are numerous traineeships and fellowships for which students are eligible to compete, in addition to support provided through individual faculty research grants.

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