Welcome to my Yahtzee game

The first time you roll the dice it will take a few minutes while the image downloads - so please be patient!


  1. Each player gets 13 turns.
  2. On each turn, you may have up to 3 rolls.
  3. You may reroll from 1 to 5 dice.
  4. You can change your mind about the dice to reroll until you click the reroll button.
  5. You must pick a score for each turn (even if your score will be a zero)
  6. Once you click on a score, you can't change your mind.
  7. The scores for 1's to 6's are the total of the dice with that number (for example, 4 twos will score 8 points)
  8. Full house is two of one number and three of another.
  9. Yahtzee is 5 of one kind, but you only score if you have not previously put a zero in that slot.
  10. Remember to click under "Yahtzee" if you want the 50 points.
  11. The bonus for a second Yahtzee is only if you already scored the first Yahtzee.
  12. If you get a second Yahtzee, it still must be used in one of the score slots.
  13. You get 2 points for every quiz question answered correctly, and a bonus of 30 points for ten correct answers.

Updated 9/16/00

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